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Lin Minchen and Jeffrey Ngai try to out cute each other

Both Stephy Tang and Ivana Wong look forward to box office success

Louis Cheung invites Nick Cheung to the premiere
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Nick Cheung and Louis Cheung become friends after working on KEEPER OF DARKNESS
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Nick Cheung attends the TABLE FOR SIX 2 star screening at Louis Cheung's invitation

Lin Minchen and Jeffrey Ngai promote hard for the film

Helen Tam is upset over the passing of Gregory Rivers
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago at the invitation of Louis Cheung Kai Chung appeared at his new film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2)'s star screening; Ah Chung, Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun, Lin Minchen and other actors from the film also attended. Supporters also included Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Cheung Tak Lan and her husband Yeung Wai Sing; Owen Cheung Chun Long also supported his girlfriend and one of the stars of the film Renci Yeung Sze Wing.

Ka Fai already displayed his humorous nature upon arrival, jokingly saying that the reason he came was to support the lead actor who was leading the Hong Kong film industry, Ah Chun. He also heard that his godfather Bowie Wu Fung and Sister Law Lan would attend. Even more importantly he came to support this Hong Kong Lunar New Year film.

Ka Fai showed a lot of respect, instead of going to support his "long lost brother" Messi' match he chose to support the film; he joked that Messi had Messi's own world, earlier when he pretended to be C. Ronaldo he was only performing. Actually normally he would not constantly watch soccer matches, unless they were large scale contests like the World Cup. He preferred to watch movies, and would even ask his wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho to go with him. Would their daughter tag along? He said that would depend on his daughter's wishes, but he joked that his daughter was very fair. She neither watched his films nor Mommy's series. She preferred to listen to music; however her classmates would send his film videos to her, especially the "Fa Gwut Lung" character. She told her not to watch because everyone would laugh. Would he make comedy again? He stated that he really wanted to, but he was also very afraid because he did not want to appear as "Fa Gwut Lung" again. He hoped to be able to play a character that everyone would like and would feel fresh. "Maybe everyone's impression of 'Fa Gwut Lung' is too deep, if I don't play 'Fa Gwut Lung' I don't know if everyone would like it. If they wouldn't then it would be a big deal. So I have to think about that clearly first." He revealed that this New Year his family would go on vacation for a few days.

Ah Chung successfully invited Ka Fai to support the film, declaring that he would never forget such a big favor and would thank him by being at his service whenever he would want; he also said that after working together on KEEPER OF DARKNESS (TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN) years ago they have stayed in touch. They would also meet to hike. When he had anything about film production he did not understand he would ask him for advice. In his heart he already saw him as his own teacher. He joked that he would even join his fan club and make support light signs. Stephy Tang Lai Yan said that she has never had the chance to work with Cheung Ka Fai and would look forward to it very much. "As long as I would be able to work with Brother Ka Fai, I would be willing to try any role." Speaking of the benefits for good box office performance, Stephy handed the question to Cheung Kai Chung. He said that over the years he has done anything and everything. He would give the task to the young Jeffrey. "At least there is a scent of freshness!" He also joked that the film company should be the one to get benefits to the actors.

Jeffrey had a lot of fan support. He said that this was the second year he took part in a Lunar New Year film. He hoped that everyone would watch the movie several more times to support him, and he was very happy to have the chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year through the big screen. Jeffrey said that with box office success he would get wet to celebrate, especially during the New Year getting wet was good luck; Minchen who has agreed to celebrate by wearing qipao also said that the wearing qipao in the New Spring was also good luck, but lately she has been busy with work and not have the time to buy any. The next day she would immediately take action. She said that in order to wear qipao she might have to watch what she ate during the New Year; Minchen said, "I would still eat, at most I would exercise more." Lin Minchen said that her family would come to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year with her. She has already bought New Year's Day movie tickets for the entire family to support her.

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