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After years in the business, Carlos Chan is the happiest when his acting receives outside the industry recognition 
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The Carlos Chan Ka Lok starred, Benny Lau Wai Hang directed Emperor Motion Picture WE ARE FAMILY (CHOOK JO YUN GA) would open on March 14th. On the eve of its opening, the film has been invited to take part in the 18th season of the Asian Pop Up Cinema film festival in Chicago. Chan Ka Lok would even receive the Bright Star Award. He and the director would fly to Chicago to accept the honor and have close distance interaction with viewers there.

Chan Ka Lok said about receiving overseas film festival recognition, "I feel very happy, very honored. Being able to have the general public's recognition in my career is a shot of confidence for me, giving me even more confidence, more motivation to walk this performing business journey." The last time Ka Lok flew overseas to participate in a film festival was already eight years ago for HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR). He said, "This time I will be attending a film festival in Chicago with WE ARE FAMILY. I am very excited. Chicago is a city I haven't been to yet, I hope to go and take a glimpse, and have more interactions with friends who like Hong Kong films there."

Did he long for commendation for acting? He admitted, "I believe as long as I put my heart into it, I would have the chance to receive an award. I wouldn't force anything. Personally I feel I still have time, I can wait -- even until age60; but the reason I want one as soon as possible is for my family to be able to see it, to let them know that I have worked hard, I have put my heart into it."

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