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Dee Ho and Stephy Tang promote their new film
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Stephy Tang Lai Yan and ERROR member Dee Ho Kai Wa yesterday promoted their film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2). They gave away lucky rice and autographed film postcards. Many fans came to show their support. Dee blew kisses to celebrate the box office exceeding HK$ 25 million and the fans accepted them and screamed. Stephy joked that the fans were so easily pleased. Dee said that when the box office would reach higher he would raise the stakes, either refilling the water for Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun who promised to get wet like he did in the film, or he and other actors would pour the water on Jeffrey.

Stephy was pleased with the box office performance. "After two days in release it has already exceeded the first film's box office in the same period. I was already happy like crazy, but I couldn't neglect it. I continue to attend audience appreciation events, in hopes of being able to surpassing the previous film's HK$ 77 million box office." Speaking of the chicken tail eating scene in the film, Stephy said that she has never had it before. however that night the shoot went very late, in starvation I took a bite as the story required. "It was a little gamey, but it was pretty good. Cheung Kai Chung couldn't accept it, after eating it he got nauseous."

Speaking of the New Year, Stephy said that she and Mama went to visit Taiwan. Dee this year played video games with MIRROR's Alton Wong Chi Tak and Lokman Leung. Would ERROR members 193 and Fatboy play video games as well? Dee said, "193 drives, Fatboy doesn't play at all. He plays table games." Stephy said that Fatboy was rather good at mahjong, they played once during the New Year. "He knew how to play Taiwan mahjong and calculate score fast. Last year we played once too. His play is very sharp, but this year he got unlucky and lost to me."

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