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Lin Minchen and Jeffrey Ngai both wish for more opportunities to perform in the New Year

Lin Minchen and Jeffrey Ngai after working together have become good friends

Family fun is important to Louis Cheung and Peter Chan Charm Man, while alone in Hong Kong, Fish Liew would rather be at work

Fish Liew had hot pot with her family with she was little, warming both inside and out
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Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun and Lin Minchen have become good friends after working together on the Lunar New Year film. Speaking of their steadily rising careers, Minchen admitted that it has exceeded expectation. "I am too pleased with the gains! (Have you been very lucky this year?) I didn't pay attention. I go with the flow more, but I believe it would be better and better. (Would you be able to become a property owner in Hong Kong?) Ocean view wouldn't be a problem, haha! Just joking! However I am more and more demanding in this area, now the property market is low, I would take advantage of the opportunity."

Jeffrey has been successful in both music and film, but he humbly said, "Actually I still have a lot of shortcomings, I would keep working hard. I am pleased with my current performance, which I would consider having done my best and can answer to myself for." In the past year alone he has already taken part in 3 or 4 movies, which made Minchen very envious. He joked, "It's because my rate is cheap and I am a value!" The quick witted Minchen followed, "I would have so many opportunities too only because I am not expensive, so I welcome any job offer. Now I am doing a promotion, we are buy 1 get 1. We are also giving away lucky drawing tickets, the grand prize is movie tickets!" Jeffrey chuckled and said, "I really know how to promote!"

Original "a fat boy", Jeffrey before getting into the business worked hard on weight loss and muscle training. Speaking of eat, he was just as excited. "I rely on good food to find a little balance and sense of satisfaction, however yours truly's metabolism has begun to slow down! In addition with sleeping late over a long term, even when I exercise I am bloated. I have to seriously reduce my appetite." This time in the film, Jeffrey not only got to pig out for work, but also had the opportunity to begin hot pursuit of "Goddess Lin". The treatment he received was the envy of many, but Minchen felt bad for him. "His character is designed to constantly have to eat, not to mention saying his lines while eating. To speak clearly really was an enormous challenge. I feel he is very professional, even at rehearsal he is forcing food into his mouth. He is capturing that type of feeling first."

About the ending, they both agreed that their "relationship" could have even more potential. Minchen said, "If we would work together we can be a couple, or even siblings." Jeffrey followed, "Now getting to make a movie is already great, as an actor I have to try everything. I would look forward to making movie contacting me! (You have already been the star of Lunar New Year films for two years in a row!) Of course I want to keep that going! Having a Lunar New Year film release is a type good luck, I can pay New Year visits to everyone at the movies. Through the story I can share joy, for which I really am very grateful."

Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Peter Chan Charm Man and Fish Liew Chi Yu starred in the Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2). The three have already prepared to spend the New Spring at the movies and attend audience appreciation shows like mad. Ah Chung said, "Lunar New Year films are very happy, especially after experiencing not getting to watch movie before, I wish everyone a Happy New Year." Would Peter take his entire family to the movies to support himself? He said, "My daughter is still little. As soon as she sees me appear on the screen she would scream Papa, I am afraid getting others out of their roles."

Speaking the Lunar New Year, Ah Chung said that it was very important to him. "There is a reunion feeling, I have to have Lunar New Year's Eve dinner. When I was little I looked forward to playing Black Jack with my parents on the Lunar New Year's Eve. Now it's my turn to play with the children. I would be the bank and pay, I really have a lot of fun! I would play at the company too, the bank of course would be the boss Mr. Koo (Louis Koo Tin Lok). I saw him keep giving and was very happy." From Malaysia, Fish Liew Chi Yu revealed that when she was little she would have hot pot with her family, but after coming to Hong Kong she has been alone. Instead she would hope to work on the Lunar New Year, which she felt would be more cheerful.

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