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Lin Minchen and Jeffrey Ngai both hope to get more lai see while promoting their film
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Jeffrey Ngai triest to make his first turnip cake for good luck
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Sister Do praises Louis Cheung for becoming more mature and resembling Japanese star Takuya Kimura

Louis Cheung

Stephy Tang and director Sunny Chan promote hard for the film

Sister Do says Jeffrey Ngai calls himself handsome in a roundabout way

The TABLE FOR SIX 2 actors and director Sunny Chan hold a live version of THE DO SHOW with Carol Cheng after a screening
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Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun and Lin Minchen in order to promoting their Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) stayed in Hong Kong. Minchen pointed out that her whole family accommodated her and came to Hong Kong for a reunion, and she was rather touched. "This would be the first time the whole family would spend the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. This time they paid for their plane ticket, while I would cover their food and lodging and movie tickets." Would she give lai see this year? Minchen said, "I would go to audience appreciation events during the Lunar New Year. Since I contributed so much, I hope to get lai see." Jeffrey also admitted to being cheap, but he would definitely give work start lai see.

In addition, they along with TABLE's other actors Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, and others earlier shared their experience with Carol Cheng Yui Ling (Do Do) after a film screening. Do Do praised Cheung Kai Chi for gradually maturing, resembling Japanese star Takuya Kimura more and more. He immediately cut her off and said, "Don't even say that, please cut this part." Sister Do continued, "Sometimes when I see your social media, I thought it was Takuya Kimura, but it's actually you." Cheung Kai Chung joked, "You are jinxing me, not helping me. Everyone is a Kimura fan, don't insult him."

The cast's new addition Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun as asked whether he was fully prepared before the production began. He said, "Yes!" Sister Do said, "Is that your whole answer? Do you want to die?" Jeffrey smiled and added, "Of course I made preparations. I really enjoyed the filthy and sloppy look very much, because it's very great. When I see saw how everyone mind I really enjoyed it." Sister Do accused Jeffrey of calling himself handsome in a roundabout way. As everyone went into an uproar, Jeffrey could no longer defend himself and could only say, "Even I feel gross myself, but I indeed enjoy it. Thank you Director for your thoughtful arrangement."

A viewer asked the actors, two years have gone by between the previous film and this film. Did the actors need to watch the first film over? Cheung Kai Chung said absolutely not. "Because we did several months of audience appreciation events for the first film, Tang Lai Yan and I attended from summer to winter, short hair turned to long hair and everyone had great chemistry. Everyone performed very well too, got into their roles very quickly. When I stared at Monica (Tang Lai Yan played) I would become possessed by Second Brother. This was the advantage of having good co-stars." Tang Lai Yan commended the script for being well written, so she was able to get into her character very quickly. Everyone already had certain chemistry.

A sharp viewer discovered the movie had many "shades" of Ekin Cheng. Chan Wing Sun said, "Hong Kong guys should have a connection with Ekin Gor Gor, because he is several Hong Kong popular culture's icon, like YOUNG AND DANGEROUS and STORM RIDERS. While writing the script, I mentioned it a few times subconsciously. When I chose songs I happened to choose his song, making Ekin Gor Gor's spirit keep appearing in our movie." Director Sunny Chan Wing Sun was asked whether he would be interested in inviting Do Do to make a third film. He said, "If anyone asks me whether I would have a third movie, I would have reservations; but if Sister Do agrees to perform, I would immediately write the script." Sister Do said, "When I make a movie I would be very troublesome, and Iwas not as easy going and nice as them." The audience immediately went into an uproar, looking forward very much to Sister Do appearing on the big screen again.

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