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Michael Ning says that Louis Cheung when making a movie would keep an eye on the big picture, not just his own role

Michael Ning and Louis Cheung work together on THE MOON THIEVES after 7 years

Louis Cheung is responsible for the fight and gun fight scenes in the film, the most memorable is getting slapped by Luna Shaw
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) were classmates at the Academy of Performing Arts, privately they were as close as brothers. However they have rarely worked together on screen, 7 years after ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA SONG SI) they reunited for the Lunar New Year film THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH). Ah Chung felt that they both have grown in their performance, as they were full of chemistry. Bak Ji said that he was already used to Ah Chung slapping him in the film, because since they were little he has been his "human punching bag". Ah Chung joked that in the film he already "repaid the debt' as his face was swollen from Luna Shaw Mei Kwan's slap.

Ah Chung in the film was responsible for shooting and action scenes, Bak Ji was responsible for explosions. Even so, Ah Chung said, "They seemed dangerous but actually were very safe. Fight scenes weren't too numerous either, because my first movie with director Yuen Kim Wai I didn't even have a single line. I fought from when the workday started to the end, super rough, in comparison this time was super comfortable." Bak Ji said that explosion scenes had certain danger, but were also very exciting. "They felt very cool and very scary, the most memorable scene was explaining to Edan (Lui Cheuk On) and Anson Lo (Lo Hon Ting) how to blow up a safe. During the shoot, sparks from the lead fell onto the table top that was filled with firework and fire crackers and led to a series of explosions. I really was very scared, at the time everyone knew something was wrong. In particular Edan and I sat the closest to the flammable material, so before the director even yelled cut we have already scattered. After this time, I realized this type of dangerous scenes truly required a lot of care, because no one would care about you." Bak Ji from working with Ah Chung again felt that he has already reached a different level. He no longer just had his mind on his own acting but also on the whole picture. In the process he kept studying with the director and the actors, in order to make the movie even better. "My vision is rather narrow, not yet able to see the end. I would only think about how to do better, not to make any mistake."

Speaking of Ah Chung getting slapped by Shaw Mei Kwan, who played Anson Lo's mother, the pain could be felt even through the camera. Ah Chung said that Shaw Mei Kwan was his Academy of Performing Arts elder; no more needed to be said about working with experts, as soon as they took their marks they act. "I told her no need to hold back since I hope for one straight take, so each time we got it down with one take. However we shot from many angles. When I got home and looked at the mirror I thought I got fat from eating, but actually my face was swollen. The worst part was the character had to completely lack expression. After the first take I felt the force, the second take I still had to act as nothing happened. I couldn't dodge." As for Ah Chung slapping Bak Ji, Bak Ji said that before the production he already told Ah Chung to quickly slap once then it would be OK. "Because since we were little, Ah Chung has trained in kung fu, including Wing Chun and boxing. For all of them he has asked me to take a punch, and I have tried them all. I know how hard he hits, but after he hit he would always say it was very soft and tell me to 'eat' another one. He would end up punching ten or twenty times."

Shooting on location in Japan, Bak Ji said that he had a scene in the car ride around Tokyo with Ah Chung, Edan, Anson Lo. It felt very comfortable. Ah Chung joked, "You might be happy, I was like a chauffeur driving from morning to night. In the whole scene Bak Ji fell asleep, whatever the job was he could sleep for a day and get paid." Bak Ji joked that to be deeply asleep when the cameras rolled would be rather difficult. Speaking of their experience in Japan, they went to a public rest room to relieve themselves at an intersect, the design of which had almost no cover. Bak Ji joked, "It was really civilized, relying on mutual trust."

Ah Chung revealed that the funniest was when he kept his head lowered and ate breakfast in front of Keung To and Edan. Because every shot had to catch him keep eating noodles, he finally had 8 bowls. By the third one his stomach already hurt.

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