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Richie Jen and Gordon Lam wish everyone a lively Year of the Dragon
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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung starred new film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) would open on the Lunar New Year. Although it had gun fights galore, it would not lack humor and absurdity as an alternative Lunar New Year film. Lam Ka Tung and Yam Yin Chai this time would not play the robber kings, turning into ordinary little men. They not only spoke of all the pain of men, but also brought out the message of harmony within the family.

Yam Yin Chai and Lam Ka Tung earlier promoted for their Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG). In the film they turned into ordinary little men, one a chicken and the other a coward; hence they put a lot of thought into their appearance. Lam Ka Tung revealed that his character was in escape mode, everything had to be fast. "My character is in escape mode, being fast is the most important in everything. Hurry up and leave the house, don't bother washing his hair, just put on a helmet and leave. If he feels a chill he would put on a vest and leaves; grabs the fanny pack, gets up and leaves; even in the winter he doesn't wear sneakers, in sandals he still leaves. In addition I have to drive two shifts of taxi, everyone can imagine what this character's costume would look like." Yam Yin Chai pointed out that his character was very neighborly, his clothes seemed to from warehouses or clothing wholesaler -- loose and comfortable. When he wore them he didn't consider his shape. With a lot of trouble and pressure his hair has turned gray, very close to the grass root citizen's life. They all said that they were very happy to attempt this type of sloppy characters, a lot of fun. Lam Ka Tung even said that Yam Yin Chai was the love song prince, in the past he often made romantic films. Kwok Fu Sing was a king of dance. However this time they too changed from their usual image, which he believed would feel very fresh to the audience. He also said that Kwok Fu Sing's bucktooth look affected the production progress, "When he delivered his lines he often spat, we had to constantly wipe our faces. It was very rough."

Kwok Fu Sing, Yam Yin Chai and Lam Ka Tung together on a movie made a very fresh team. Lam Ka Tung and Yam Yin Chai both said that during the shoot they set off a lot of spark, and even had many improvised scenes. They mentioned that the scene in which they relieved themselves in the remote hills was an improvised performance. Lam Ka Tung said, "In that scene we were forced to commit robbery with Sing Sing. When the three of us left together, due to a broken down car we were trapped in the remote hills. Sing Sing then had a heart to heart chat with us. When talking about relieving himself, Sing Sing pointed a gun at Siu Chai. After he said that he didn't need to go, the director didn't yell cut. I had to continue the performance, so everyone watched me paused for 2 seconds before reacting with 'I have prostate issues'. Sing Sing then followed with 'You have to even if you just drip.' Hence came this hillside relief scene." He also said that they had many such on the spot performance. He said that the story was humorous and oddball, but close to real life. The actor naturally would have many realistic ideas, at suitable scenes they would naturally reflected them.

Speaking of them in the film all had different pain of men, Yam Yin Chai said that men in the growth process would face more and more problems -- especially after having family and children. At work they might already become middle management, if they ran into less than great economic climate they might be the first to be fired. "I feel many can relate to this story, especially when I am a company boss too. In the film I had a nursing home, my company in reality has old employees. During the pandemic there was no work, everything I was burning money on salary. So at the time I was very uncertain, not knowing when would be the end, when would the problems be resolved. At that time I really had a lot of troubles." Lam Ka Tung said, "Children want Papa to be a hero, the other half wants you to be the children's role model. Your previous generation feels you are still their son, don't think that just because you have a wife you don't have a mother anymore. Many men have to face this question, finding a balance is very hard. In comparison to Siu Chai I am a little freer, the most troublesome is work. I hope to be even better at work. I don't have their trivial family matter, or have to find a balance between different relationships."

ROB N ROLL was scheduled for a Lunar New Year release. They both said that they did not know before hand. Lam Ka Tung pointed out that the film although had gun fight scenes with casualties, it happened to be a comedy so it could try for a Lunar New Year release. They said the drug film PROTEGE (MOON TOH) was also released on the Lunar New Year. "The most important is for everyone to be happy. Even I got something after making it. The film wanted to tell everyone the most, the most important was harmony for a family. Even At our ending, we still had a little fun." However speaking of promoting during the Lunar New Year, Lam Ka Tung said that Yam Yin Chai would perform concerts overseas and only he would remain to promote. Yam Yin Chai helplessly said that from the beginning he did not know about the Lunar New Year release. He said that if the film was released overseas and his schedule would allow, he would be responsible for audience appreciation events. They also wrote couplet banners on the spot. Lam Ka Tung originally wanted to write "take from the rich and give to Lam", later he still felt happiness was the most important. Yam Yin Chai wrote "great wealth and fortune", wishing everyone in the New Year would continue to get to work and make basins after basins full.

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