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Maggie Cheung Ho Yi could be rarely seen on television in recent years, instead you might catch a shade of her in different movies.
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Maggie Cheung Ho Yee has been in film for many years but has never played a cop. She has rarely worked on action scenes either. This time in the Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) she played a cop who has never solved a big case for the first time. She said that she has always been very afraid of sudden loud noises, even when working on Early Republic series fire crackers would scare her. This time she got a push to overcame a long time obstacle. "At the beginning I never thought about making this movie, but I thought the script was special. In the past decade or so Hong Kong has never seen this type of cops and robbery subject. So I played the intermediary and made connections for investors. Later the director told me he had a female role that would be pretty fun, and would have scenes with (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing, Yam Yin Chai (Richie Jen) and (Gordon) Lam Ka Tung. So I took it."

Cheung Ho Yee said that this time her performance was a complete breakthrough for her. She remembered the most that Temple Street had a road block for 7 days for the shoot. She even revealed that she asked the director whether she could avoid shooting a fire. "The director had a difficult look on his face and said no way, impossible. He told me to train in running. I would have a double, but even with the double, I would perform most the action scenes. For several days on Temple street, I thought I was going to die from running. The shoot constantly had bad takes. Although the shoot was rough, when the production wrapped I felt I was finally able to do it. I deeply understood the hardship of being an action actor."

Cheung Ho Yee in recently rarely had film and television work. She said that she would continue to work on screen and also hope to be a creator. "I want to make film and television work that would be able to touch the soul and bring everyone energy, so people in darkness would be able to see the light. I don't dare to say I want to become a light tower and guide everyone, I would be pleased with just being a little light bulb."

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