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Gregory Rivers made countless films and television series but in recent years rarely appeared 

Gregory Rivers' manager rushed to the scene as his remains was transported from his home

Gregory Rivers in his final film EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL had scenes with Hins Cheung
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Gregory Rivers often shared his agricultural life on social media and spread positive energy
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Gregory Rivers became a foreign overseas Chinese online market spokesperson.  Just as the latest ad campaign was released, he passed away

Gregory Rivers and his wife Bonnie Cheung, who just passed away last year, were married for over 30 years.  

Gregory Rivers loved his dogs like children, once adopting 13 

Gregory Rivers was passionate about growing vegetables in recent years


Gregory Rivers came to chase his show business dreams in Hong Kong in his youth and 
had many opportunities

Gregory Rivers often plays police officials in films and on television
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Gregory Rivers and J.Arie connected on the set of GET OUTTA HERE and became her godfather 5 years ago

Gill Mohinderpaul Singh shares a photo with Gregory Rivers and Brian Burrell
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Gregory Rivers (Hor Kwok Wing) yesterday morning passed away at age 58 in his Sai Kung home.

Two nights ago around 10 PM in si Kung, a 58 year old foreign man was down faced down at a home. Charcoal burning suicide was suspected in the first floor bedroom. The victim was confirmed to be actor Hor Kwok Wing. The police is investigating the cause of death.

Known as the "official foreigner" Hor Kwok Wing came from Australia. He originally was a medical school student. At the university under the influence of his Chinese classmates he fell in love with listening to Cantonese songs and became interested in Hong Kong culture. Hor Kwok Wing in 1988 came to Hong Kong and joined TVB, made almost 300 series, leaving a deep impression. His parody song ATV FOREVER also became a sensation.

Reportedly Hor Kwok Wing's wife passed away last year, which might have been the cause of his suicide. Hor Kwok Wing met his Hong Kong girlfriend while working as an English teacher when he was younger. When Hor Kwok Wing's visa came due, in order to avoid being deported he decided to marry his girlfriend and held a wedding n 1989. Some said that at the time his future father in law strongly objected to the marriage, as he thought that foreigners liked to "mess around". Thus Hor Kwok Wing hand wrote a letter and moved his future father in law with sincerity. Hor Kwok Wing and his wife were very much in love after marriage. Due to his wife's heart issue making her unsuitable for giving birth, they gave up having children early on and adopted 13 dogs over time. Once suffering from emotional issues due to hormonal imbalance, Hor Kwok Wing was able to rise from the abyss due to his dogs. He even set aside his plan to return to Australia when his dog had health issues. Hor Kwok Wing in order to treat his 16 year old dog, as well as his skin cancer and his heart arrhythmia operation cost, owed HK$ 800,000 in debt and was once in financial difficulty.

Hor Kwok Wing's manager has already contacted his younger sister in Australia to handle his affairs. As the news of Hor Kwok Wing's passing spread, many in the business remembered him on social media. Gill Mohinderpaul Singh (Kiu Bo Bo) said that Hor Kwok Wing's passing was their common regret, everyone would always remember him. Director Lee Lik Chi lamented the uncertainty of life as another friend in the business passed away. Bernice Liu bik Yi praised Hor Kwok Wing's friendly behavior in life. His good friend and fellow "official foreigner" Brian Burrell (Bo Wai Kit) revealed that around a week ago he found out that Hor Kwok Wing was facing a very difficult challenge. When he tried to contact him he did not receive any response. Now he could only give his condolences and hope that everyone would cherish those around them. Hor Kwok Wing's MAN ON THE EDGE (BIN YUEN HUNG JEH) co-star Simon Yam Tat Wa was surprised and praised his passion for the Chinese culture, spoke fluent Cantonese. He lamented the loss of an excellent actor; friend Michael Tong Man Lung upon learning the news did not want to believe it was true. J.Arie became Gregory Rivers' god daughter after working on the Gordon Lam Tung produced film GET OUTTA HERE (SEI HOI DI LA). She was reluctant to talk much about her godfather's passing. "I think Godfather and his family would like to keep a low profile for now, I hope you would understand."

Hor Kwok Wing was originally scheduled to work on the Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Jeannie Chan Ying starred series OCTB 2 in April. Last year's Hins Cheung Kwok Wing starred film EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL (CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG HA) became his final film.

Originally named Gregory Charles Rivers, artist Hor Kwok Wing once revealed that his Chinese name was completely because of his idol Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. In 1985 in order to get close to his idol he became his official driver in Australia. The next year he again offered his services to Alan Tam Wing Lun. After seeing the two superstars in close distance he decided to get into the business to chase his dreams. In 1987 Hor Kwok Wing after coming to Hong Kong worked many different jobs. Once as guest he performed with Tam Wing Lun in his 1987 concert. Later by chance he joined TVB. He also worked as Chow Yun Fat's English tutor, followed him to Hollywood and instructed in English for a year.

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