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"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan is a tough guy with a tender heart, in recent years he and his wife Cissy Wang have been paying the community back with charity work. Before the New Spring he even "went in disguise" to volunteer, putting up both money and effort. They went to Sham Shui Po to give away fortune bags and material, benefiting several hundred seniors. Chi Tan said about the establishment of a charity foundation in his name, "Actually it was something that my wife and I have always really wanted to do. (How did the funding come about?) It has been established for several years, for now we are putting up (the money), we do whatever we can but we would also have donors who are willing to help."

Chi Tan that day "went in disguise into the community", helping to move and give away food. He not only brought his good will to the seniors, he also got warmth in his heart. "If it is too high profile, the matter wouldn't be pure enough. I wore a mask when I went, no one would recognize me. At most they would feel I looked familiar."

Speaking of his Year of the Dragon work schedule, Chi Tan stated that he would continue to make movies. Around next month he would begin production on FLASH POINT 2 (DOH FOR SIN 2).
After exactly 17 years from the first film, Chi Tan admitted that fans everywhere have seen this movie as "research blue print" and would like him to continue the story. However he never had the time to plan for it. "Lately I seriously thought about it with the team, to see if we could try and achieve a new breakthrough. (What about casting?) We are still working on the story, but I can tell everyone that there would definitely be fights galore!"

Speaking of New Year's wishes, Chi Tan wished for world peace, homes and jobs for everyone and continuing to make high quality movies. "As I get older, I have seen a lot. Life depends very much on state of mind. People certainly would have ups and downs. Try to be more positive then you would definitely be happy." Speaking of his daughter Jasmine Yen Chai Yu being in the business for exactly half a year, Chi Tan stated, "It's natural for parents to worry about their children, luckily she has been very good. Making music is positive, not as rough as I have it being on the set. (Would you let her make movies?) Let it be, if she wants to, I can't stop her. (would you make one with her?) I don't want to think so far ahead, anything is possible."

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