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Larine Tang and Kay Tse play daughter and mother in their new film

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Larine Tang is very happy to play Kay Tse's daughter and says that she has had quite an influence on her

Kay Tse plays a former undercover cop, who after retirement retreats to a reclusive life in Shek O
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Kay Tse On Kay and Larine Tang Yueping worked together on the new film OUT OF THE SHADOW (NGOR DAI DIK TU YUN SUN WOOT) has been invited to participate in the 19th Osaka International Film Festival. They both said that this time was a new challenge. Kay was happy to work with good actors she has never worked with before; Tang Yueping had special training to prepare for the fight scenes in the film and thus fell in love with martial arts.

The Tse On Kay, Tang Yueping, ANSONBEAN Chan Ngai Sun, Natalie Tong Sze Wing and Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui starred film with special performance by Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and guest performance by Alice Chan Wai, OUT OF THE SHADOW has been invited to take part in the 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival "Spotlight" and "Special Focus on Hong Kong" sections. It would also make its world premiere at the event. Playing the mother in the film, Kay was excited. "Before making OUT I haven't participated in television and film performance in a long time. This time would be considered my comeback film." She pointed out that the entire team worked together harmoniously. The film had many actors she has not worked with before, for her it was a very new line up.

Playing Kay's daughter, Tang Yueping was also excited. "I am very happy to be able to participate in the Osaka Asian Film Festival. This film is packed with Hong Kong specialty nostalgia, I hope the Japanese viewers after watching would have the impulse to visit Hong Kong. This time many new actors participated, including me. I hope everyone would pay more attention to it." She stated that the biggest gain was meeting Kay, and praised her as an actor with a very strong influence. She also said that this time would have more fight scenes. "For me its' a new challenge, so early in the production I did a lot of preparation, like kung fu training. I made a special request to the producer to help me get more classes and training, after the shoot I fell in love with kung fu."

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