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Anson Lo is proud that THE MOON TH14V3S would be the Osaka Asian Film Festival opening film
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Edan Lui and Anson Lo have many scenes with elder Louis Cheung

Keung To says that his character in THE MOON THI4V3S would be a big breakthrough
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The Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THI3V4S was Steve Yuen Kim Wai directed, Anson Lo Hon Ting, Edan Lui Cheuk On, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) starred with special performance by Keung To. It would open on the Lunar New Year's Eve, but before the release good news arrived; the film has been invited to be the 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival's opening film. Director Yuen Kim Wai and the actors were excited as if they got a shot of confidence.

Yuen Kim Wai said that the Osaka Asian Film Festival's selection of THE MOON THI4V3S was extraordinarily meaningful. "Each actor and staff member's contribution has received an international film festival's recognition, we are more than honored! This time the most meaningful is that the jury sees the effort in the film production. It is able to ditch the idol frames and give the recognition objectively, so they would be able to affect non Hong Kong viewers as actors." He longed to be able to attend the Osaka Asian Film Festival with the actors in person, experience the unique atmosphere with the film festival and listen to viewers' opinions in close distance.

Lo Hon Ting said that this film was his first Lunar New Year film, which was a very special experience. He said, "In general Lunar New Year films would be family films with happy endings, but this time would have a lot of fight scenes. It's an action drama, to be able to take part in this film is my honor." In the film he played an ordinary guy Yau. At first he felt how to play the character with more dimensions would be very difficult, he thanked Cheung Kai Chung and Bak Ji for their help.

Edan also thanked the cast and the crew for the time and effort they contributed, and treated this film seriously. Keung To said that he felt honored and thanked the cast, the crew and the director for giving him the opportunity to participate. He said, "This character is a great breakthrough, as well as a new attempt. It's the first time I fired a real gun. Despite everyone sees me seemingly without any fear, actually inside I was very scared." He hoped through this film Japanese viewers would get to know them even more.

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