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Louis Cheung and Michael Ning have known each other for a long time.  Both have placed their footsteps onto film.  THE MOON THIEVES was already their second collaboration.
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) worked together on the Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH). In the film they along with Edan Lui Cheuk On and Anson Lo Hon Ting began a watch heist operation. Ah Chung and Bak Ji have been buddies for many years, but MOON was their second collaboration. Personally they were full of chemistry, as they said that their friendship brought them into character. They did not need too many tricks to explain their history.

This time they went to Japan for the film shoot and said that the production went very smoothly. They were even able to experience the stunt performances of Hong Kong and Japan. Ah Chung pointed out that the film as a Lunar New Year film added to their burden, many viewers mistook it for a comedy. However this time had frequent action scenes, the story was very intense. They hoped viewers would be surprised.

In the film the four accepted the mission Keung To arranged. As the team they worked together closely and also performed the brotherhood between the four. Ah Chung as the leader said that he instead had less action scenes. "However the cinematographer really likes me, the shot of other people chatting would still be dragged to me having noodles. For the shot, I had 8 bowls of noodles because I didn't want to pretend. In the end after finishing this scene I had stomach pain and had to exercise to make up for it!" Because the film had many explosion and action scenes, Bak Ji with his years of stage experience said, "The film would have real props. In one scene I really accidentally lit some prop gun powder, wow, Edan who was next to me and I saw it. We didn't care whether the director has yelled cut or not, we immediately ran for our lives. All of these you can't experience from the stage."

Ah Chung has already worked with MIRROR members many times. Working together again on the film, Ah Chung said, "Ah Keung's performance this time was very manly, no longer only has youth. He very solidly performed with the team. I sensed that they have jumped out of their comfort zone. Everyone has been working very hard, making this performance's style happen with a realistic feeling. Edan and Ah Lo are very talented, willing to try many methods and very gladly discuss the scripts. This performance you would see them perform without their idol halo." Bak Ji worked with MIRROR members for the first time. He said, "Working with them for the first time, I learn that they are very fiery hot idols. However their performance surprises me. Edan is very willing to ask questions, he would stand from the audience's point of view to think about what they are thinking. He would even look for bugs in the scripts together; Ah Lo would even hold dinner meetings, leading the team to discuss the script. He really wants to do the job well. Finally I have the opportunity to understand why everyone would appreciate them."

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