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Lee Ying after the divorce took care of her family alone.  Her daughter Winnie Shum has competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant

Gigi Wong (back second right) would occasionally hold gathering for the stars of the era, including Lee Ying 

Lee Ying was in a relationship for 7 years with Damien Lau
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Lee Ying was rather close with her daughter Winnie (left) and Vivian (right)

Lee Ying wed businessman Shum Hoi Kin in 1984, but the marriage only lasted 8 years

Damien Lau (left) and Lee Ying (center) were training class classmates and old flames, Gigi Wong (right) and Lee Ying were friends of half a century.  Both were saddened to hear the news

Sammi Cheng (right) recalls working with Lee Ying

Last year's film release TWELVE DAYS was Lee Ying's final film

Lee Ying started at RTV and worked with Alex Man on television series 
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Former RTV actress Lee Ying was retired for many years. Yesterday she was rumored to have passed away in Canada at age 70. Her friend in Vancouver Gigi Wong Suk Yee confirmed the news. Once in a 7 year relationship with Lee Ying, Damien Lau Chung Yan stayed in touch and never heard her mention any illness.

Lee Ying took part in the RTV training class and then joined the entertainment industry, starring many series and became the top actress at the station. Her classmates included Mary Hon Man Lei, Johnny Mak Tong Hung and Damien Lau Chung Yan. She and Lau Chung Yan once dated for 7 years. Yesterday when Lee Ying was rumored to have passed away in Canada, Lau Chung Yan had no idea. "We stayed in touch, but I haven't heard her talk about any illness." He said that he would have to ask around then quickly hung up.

Lee Ying's friend, Gigi Wong Suk Yee who is currently in Vancouver confirmed the news. She revealed that she was informed around 2PM yesterday afternoon. "At the time I was very shocked, the call from my brother's wife. She played mahjong with Lee Ying and was very close. She said that another artist Cheung Wai Yee was on the scene at the time. (How did Lee Ying pass away?) She fell several days ago, but didn't see a doctor. She told her friends that it was only a sprain, but when we asked to see her she said no. We asked her to come out and she was unwilling. A friend then cooked and put the food at her door. I just returned to Vancouver on the 18th and was set to see Lee Ying tomorrow. Yesterday when I called her she was still fine."

Wong Suk Yee said that yesterday morning a friend called Lee Ying but no one answered, so the friend went to visit in person and saw Lee Ying in bed. Lee Ying said that she did not feel well and was nauseous, with the left side of her face and the corner of her eye bruised, and her speech slurred, so the friend called an ambulance and contacted Cheung Wai Yee. When Cheung Wai Yee arrived, Lee Ying's eyes were reacting. After the emergency medical team arrived they began CPR, but after half a hour it was to no avail. Lee Ying's two daughters immediately booked flights to Vancouver from Hong Kong to take care of their mother's affair, and revealed that Lee Ying has always resided in Hong Kong. She only returned to Vancouver this Valentine's Day to perform for a children's hospital there next month. Wong Suk Yee also said that when Lee Ying was waiting to give birth she stayed at her place and joked that when their children grew up they would have to make the match. Wong Suk Yee admitted, "I originally wanted to wait for the family to make the announcement, but the matter has already spread to the Hong Kong friends circle. Since I was considered to have the first hand account, so I would be the one to tell it in order to keep the rumors from spreading wildly."

Lee Ying in 1984 quickly wed Shum Hoi Kin after several months of dating and emigrated to Canada, unfortunately after several years they ended up in divorce. Lee Ying took care of their two daughters alone. She has returned to Hong Kong to make television series but did not produced many. Her daughter Winnie Shum Wing Ting in 2004 took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and joined the business. In recent years she has become a flight attendant and eased out of the business. Lee Ying also guest starred in last year's film release TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT), playing the mother in law role at the wedding banquet.

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