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The John Chiang Jr. (Chinag Cheuk Man) starred, father John Chiang Dai Wai guest starred Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) broke the HK$ 15 million mark at the box office. Two nights ago the father and son along with director Albert Mak Kai Kwong went to an audience appreciation show. Funnily the audience appreciation event turned into revealing secrets. John Gor who never swore was asked to use foul language in the film by the director, making his face turn red from using foul language on the big screen for the first time. The director revealed that John Gor asked for a water scene, which also took place on the coldest day in Hong Kong this winter when even the city was in single digit temperature. John Gor said that because he has been in film for decades, he has made 50 or 60 death scenes whether he was standing, sitting or sleeping. By chance he saw a puddle on the ground, he thought falling into it would make a a pretty splash.

John Gor and son John Chiang Jr. (Cheuk Man) in the interview first joked that this time the director made them act, because the director first asked Cheuk Man then asked him to guest star. He only agreed because of his son. Was he pleased with the box office? John Gor felt that it was a little short, so he hoped even more viewers would go to support the film. He praised that Hong Kong film truly was decent; and pointed out that he has already run to 6 audience appreciation events and he would continue. As for Cheuk Man's performance in the film, John Gor encouraged him, "I consider the performance OK, but still has room for improvement. His first time playing such an important character wasn't easy, the pressure was great; actually even experienced actors would have pressure each time when making a movie." John Gor said that he would gladly work with his son Cheuk Man more, but he felt that now was already the era of the young people. Speaking of his wife Maggie Li Lin Lin's return to film ALL SHALL BE WELL (CHUNG GUM YI HAU) also won an award and even became the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award Best Feature Film, John Gor said that his wife was very happy to be able to take place in the production and thought it was very rare because she was retired for over 30 years when she suddenly took this film. As for whether his wife in the future would still make movies, he would respect her decision. He too hoped that his wife would return, because this business had no retirement and the acting bug would always be there. Cheuk Man also said, "Of course I hope to have a chance to work with Mama, it would be a very valuable memory. I already want to cherish the time spent with my parents, if I have a movie it would be even more perfect."

Speaking of Lee Ying's sudden passing, John Gor revealed that while Lee Ying returned to Hong Kong before the Lunar New Year they met for dinner. At the time she was in great spirit. He never thought that she would suddenly fall. Seniors really can't fall, so he has been very careful. Cheuk Man said that Lee Ying watched him grow up, may she rest in peace.

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