Thursday, August 20, 2009


Zhou Xun seduces a soldier
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Zhou Xun in THE MESSAGE has many scenes of abuse. During the shoot, even Best Actor Zhang Hanyu has to get rough with her. In a struggle scene, Hanyu even throws Zhou Xun on the bed and grabs Zhou Xun's neck with force. Zhang Hanyu expresses, "Zhou Xun is too petite. During the shoot I have a lot of stress. I was afraid that if I use too much force she may get hurt." Zhou Xun says that she regrets telling Zhang Hanyu not to hold back because he throws her on the bed so hard that her hhip goes numb for awhile. She has so much pain that she thinks it is shattered.

In another scene Zhou Xun has to seduce another soldier. She is dressed in a sexy sleepwear and does her best to tempt the soldier. Zhou Xun's dress is a little loose. At first during the shoot she moves so much that the strap slips and almost causes a wardrobe malfunction. The team immediately takes preventive measures. She later immediately goes to the dressing room for multiple angle tests to avoid any further embarrassing situations.

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