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The Michael Tse Tin Wa starred TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT) was released earlier. Laughing Gor Tse Tin Wa yesterday along with co-stars Lorretta Chow Mei Yun, Fala Chen and Tracy Ip Chui Chui went to four cinemas to appeal for disaster relief donations. Tse Tin Wa expressed that the entire day's box office after expenses will be donated to Taiwan disaster relief. Before the appeal, Tse Tin Wa and TVB's Tsang Sing Ming started with $100 donation each. The response was decent. A child donated all the coins he had on him. Some saw the reporters' cameras and ran the other way.

After six days in release, the box office already reached 7.2 million. Tin Wa was very excited. He said, "The film is still running, when it's truly over then we will calculate revenue. I am not at ease until I see the executives' nods of satisfaction." Was Ms. Lok (Elaine Lok Yi Ling) very happy? Tin Wa expressed that she put a lot of effort into this film. Did he feel the first film did well for the Shaw brand? He only laughed and said, "Ultimately it is a good start."

Tin Wa yesterday appealed for donations and people were very eager. As for the people who ran the other way, he said, "Very few people stayed away, maybe they were camera shy." Tin Wa expressed that a male fan knew about this charity event and bought tickets to half the cinema for his friends. He said that he was as bold once. After the appeal, Ip Chui Chui had the least donation. She awkwardly said, "I feel very useful, maybe it's because I am shy. I saw Tin Wa didn't mind even donations of $5 or 10 cents, so later I imitated Tin Wa."

Fala Chen yesterday joined the appeal halfway. She revealed that one of her friends' hometown was Kaohsiung. Luckily they lived in the city and were not affected. She said, "If not for work, I would like to visit Taiwan. I would go with friends privately. I hope to bring material to the disaster victims and donate five figures to help them." In addition earlier TVB and ATV were accused of cutting each other's artist performance during the benefit show. Tsang Sing Ming expressed that he held a meeting already. "I know that this time many on and off screen personnel felt very sorry for the alleged ATV artist performance cut. I want to be fair to them. This time everyone has contributed a lot, but people are very unfair with what they say. The show was mainly for fund raising, commercials naturally had to be aired. At most we would only cut our co-workers' speeches. We would try not to cut from other stations and media." As for ATV cutting away from Uncle Six (Sir Run Run Shaw)'s donation segment, he only said no comment. As far as he knew, ATV cut away only for commercials as well.

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