Saturday, August 15, 2009


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Pat Ha Man Jik two nights ago attended Just Love charity event and still looked great. When asked how she kept in shape, she said, "Be happy and don't think too much, exercise is the most important and don't eat too much fatty and greasy food! (Will you return to film?) For now I don't have any interest in making movies because I am busy with my daughter. I'll wait until the youngest daughter graduates from college first! (What about ad like Cherie Chung Chor Hung?) That's OK, but I won't work on cosmetic or trimming ads." As for Eric Tsang Chi Wai and the Performing Artists Guild's disaster relief event, she heard and said that she will try to help. However she expressed that now she is rarely in Hong Kong as she mainly commutes between Shanghai and Taiwan. Will she permit her daughter to join show business? She honestly said that she never thought about it because her daughter was not considered great. However, her daughters respectively are interested in directing, photography and painting. She will not force them to work certain jobs. As for whether she will perform on screen for them, she stressed that she will only support them as the boss.

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