Monday, August 10, 2009


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Zhang Ziyi's first film as a producer, SOPHIE'S REVENGE features Fan Bingbing as her romantic rival. At their first meeting they already got along famously. Ziyi even fulfilled Bingbing's Wu Zetian dream.

Bingbing revealed that she wanted to join show business because after she watched Taiwan star Pan Yin-Tze's EMPRESS OF DYNASTY she was attracted to her character Wu Zetian's charm. She longed for one day to be in show business and play this historical figure. She excited said, "After waiting for years of opportunity, I actually fulfilled this dream in Ziyi's romantic comedy." Although Bingbing as Wu Zetian was just a dream in the film, when Ziyi and the art director studied this character's costume and look did not omit any detail. Bingbing though was caught with a mobile phone in hand while in costume, thus Internet speculation began about Bingbing's phone never left her hand on the set. Actually the story required it.

First time co-star Ziyi had nothing but praised for Bingbing, not only for her acting but also for her everyday fashion sense. Bingbing said, "Ziyi always asks me where I get my clothes from, she even wants to go shopping with me. That would be impossible. Although I go by myself every time, actually four or five workers are around me like cops in disguises. Those places have a lot of people. If I take Ziyi it definitely is very dangerous and chaotic. I would rather shop for her."

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