Monday, August 31, 2009


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The Karena Lam Ka Yun and Dior Cheng Yi Kin starred romance CLAUSTROPHOBIA (CHUN MUK) earlier participated in the Chungmoru International Film Festival. Ka Yun with her detailed and touching acting broke out among the competition and won her first Best Actress award.

The film was about a city couple in a closed space developed an awkward relationship that seemed to be there but was not. The entire film's emotions were full of stress and discomfort. With a few lines, it was truly a challenge to actors. Lam Ka Yun earlier this year received a Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination for the role.

Ka Yun was very happy to receive her first Best Actress award and decided to leave for Seoul immediately to accept the award. "I just received the news and I am very happy, but because I didn't go in person to accept the award, my personal emotion still hasn't reached the most emotional moment, but I truly am very happy! I am very glad that a non commercial non mainstream film is not overlooked! I truly thank the director Ivy Ho (Ong Sai), the film company, my management company, and all the actors and workers who worked on CLAUSTROPHOBIA!" How will Ka Yun celebrate? Ka Yun said, "I decided to treat all the co-workers, the cast and the crew to dinner! Ekin has to help me with the bill though!"

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