Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Russian drama master Stanislavsky pointed out that an actor has to have ironclad order, otherwise he cannot possibly have any excellent dramatic performance. Why is considered ironclad order? Under Yu Jim Yuen's order, Yuen Man is willing to eat dung. He should be considered the ironclad follower of the ironclad order.

Caught Red Handed, Punished On the Spot

The matter actually had a lot to do with Yuen Biao. Yuen Biao says, "Yuen Man, Yuen Tak and I are close in age. We were the youngest ones at the school so we were particularly close. At the time our school was at Tsim Sha Tsui's Mirador Mansions 13th floor. Many coffee shops were downstairs. Once Yuen Man said to me that he was taking me downstairs to buy a beef bun, so I followed him. Before we even got to the coffee shop, from afar we already saw Master enjoying tea there. The two of us immediately darted back upstairs and prayed that Master didn't catch up. We thought if Master didn't know then we were fine. Who knew that we couldn't fool him."

Yuen Man and Yuen Biao who Yu Jim Yuen caught red handed could only faced the music with Master Yu. Yuen Biao says, "Master returned to the school and asked Yuen Man, 'Yuen man, where did you go?' Yuen Man was already shaking when Master asked. He said, 'I......Yuen Biao said that he wanted beef fun, I took him to buy it.' Luckily Master was sharp and scolded him, 'You bought it just because he asked. If he asked to eat dung, would you? Yuen Tak, hurry up and get Yuen Man some dung to eat!' Yuen Tak heard Master calling his name out of the blue and was scared witless. He really went to the bathroom, but all of a sudden how could he go when he was still shaking from the fright! Yuen Tak later brought out when he could and stuttered to Master, 'Master, I......I....I am done!'"

Master's Order, Never Disobeyed

This ancient history might seem like ages ago today, but Yuen Biao was still shivering from the recollection. The disciples obviously have seen Master's order as the golden rule that could not be violated. Yuen Biao says, "Master told Yuen Tak, 'Hurry and give it to Yuen Man to eat!' Yuen Tak walked over to Yuen Man. When Yuen Man was about to put it in his mouth, Master immediately smacked him from behind and screamed, 'You eat dung too, worthless!' Yuen Man finally did not eat any, but this matter showed you how afraid of Master we were. When Master told you to eat dung, no one would dare not to. When Master told you to go, you go even you don't have to. Master, Master, I am only telling it like it is. Please don't be mad in Heaven!" (43)

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