Saturday, August 8, 2009


Liddy Li
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TVB television film LOVE KICK OFF (SEI YIP CHO ji NAM WA MUNG FEI CHEUNG) will move to the big screen. The new television edition's two lead actresses, young models DaDa Lo Chung Chi and BOOM BOOM BA Sing Angel Liddy Li Ting caught bma boss Law Kit Sing's eyes and will be the lead actresses in the film. Recent young model pictorial collection feud's Chrissie Chou Sau Na, AngelaBaby, and Kama reportedly will also take place.

The film will broadcast on TVB the day after tomorrow. bma boss Law Kit Sing saw an early screening and was very satisfied with the production quality. The new generation of stars left a deep impression with him and he decided to make a film version with Chin Kwok Wai as its producer. bma will select leads for the film from the television film. Reportedly bma executives have met with Liddy Li several times about the film version and intentions of making her a bma artist for record release.The company will also select popular overseas idols to join the cast, including Taiwan girl group Hey Girl.

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