Saturday, August 15, 2009


Michael Tse Tin Wa

Lorretta Chow Mei Yun, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, Sherry Chan Song
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TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT) has already passed 2 million after two days in release and has scheduled a Wednesday celebration. Yesterday Michael Tse Tin Wa, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, Sherry Chan Song, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Felix Wong Yat Wa and director Herman Yau Lai To attended an event and signed autographs on film posters. Tin Wa said about the film's box office success, "The company called me to report the good news, they sounded very excited." Will her personally check out audience response? He said, "I haven't had the chance to check myself, I want to experience it. I know most responses have been positive."

Did he look forward to Laughing Gor becoming a film series? Tin Wa said, "Let the company decide." As for whether he will host his own celebration, Tin Wa said, "I will see if everyone is satisfied with the final performance. I know a lot of off screen talent and executives are running around for the promotion. I will treat them to dinner." Reporters joked whether he will treat them to an abalone banquet, Tin Wa joked, "Cocktail bun or pineapple bun!" The celebration that was scheduled for Monday was moved to Wednesday to accommodate the August 8 Flood disaster relief event. Tin Wa expressed that he will personally go the cinema to show his appreciation and ask for donation. That day's total film box office will be donated to help Taiwan victims.

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