Saturday, August 8, 2009


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Animation film MCDULL KUNG FU DING DING DONG yesterday held a martial art event and a star premiere. Wan Kwong who provided his voice, creator Mak Ka Bik and theme song performers The Pancakes attended. MCDULL after two weeks in release in the Mainland made nearly 70 million RMB at the box office. Mak Ka Bik expressed that she did not know how much was considered satisfactory. The event invited a group of "young models" to the premiere, did she feel they were not suitable for a children's animation? Mak Ka Bik joked that she only came to see her idol Wan Kwong and that "young models" were not as sexy and revealing as McDull, so she was not worried. Mak Ka Bik even stated that the move could attract viewers. She did not know it was a big deal, since both were "kid" stuff.

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