Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Zhang Ziyi yesterday led Yao Chen and Peter Ho Yun Tung from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Broadway and Golden Harvest to promote her new film SOPHIE'S REVENGE. Although Zhang Ziyi was a first time producer and star, this national city romantic comedy already caught extra attention from the media and the audience alike. In response to her breakup rumors, Zhang Ziyi wore three diamond rings on her hands. When the audience cheered her, she greeted the audience and said that after promoting in so many cities, Shenzhen felt the most cheerful.

First time producer Zhang Ziyi was in great spirit. On stage she often whispered to her co-workers and responded to all media questions. In comparison to Zhang Ziyi's star power, Yao Chen and Ho Yun Tung were more low key. Ho Yun Tung called Zhang Ziyi "boss", while Yao Chen kept praising Zhang Ziyi as the perfect woman on and off screen.

In SOPHIE'S REVENGE, Zhang Ziyi's boyfriend fell for another. She thus began a "tug of war" with Fan Bingbing. First a reporter asked what she would do if the situation happened in real life. "I hope something like this won't happen to me!" She shrug her shoulder and said, "If I really do, what can I do." Then reporters directly asked her about the breakup rumors. Zhang Ziyi was very sincere and peacefully responded, "We are able to run into and meet many people everyday. Maybe the one who you can build a family with in the end is definitely the fortune that you have built up in previous lives. I cherish my relationship very much, I will properly protect it. I won't easily give up. I hope that we can walk through a very long road of life. If one day I have a wedding ceremony, I will share it with everyone."

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