Monday, August 17, 2009


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The Locarno International Film Festival held its closing ceremony award ceremony, Mainland director Guo Xiaolu with SHE, A CHINESE won the festival's highest honor -- the Golden Leopard.

Mainland director who traveled to England, Guo Xiaolu's SHE, A CHINESE defeated 17 other films in competition and won the Best Picture Golden Leopard prize. The film is a England, Germany and France co-production about a Mainland country girl for love and dream moves from her farm village to the city, and her intrigue story of drifting to England by chance. Guo Xiaolu said about SHE, A CHINESE. "I want to make a movie about China's youth. This film can cross boundaries and cultural recognition." She honestly admitted that the film's sense of adrift was a reflection of living abroad for years.

Guo Xiaolu is a female Chinese director who has traveled to England for years. She is also a writer and a poet, a classmate of Jiang Zhangke at the Beijing Film Academy Literature Department. At the 2006 Rotterdam Film Festival, Guo Xiaolu's first feature HOW IS YOUR FISH TODAY? won the Asian Film Critic Award. During the award ceremony Jiang Zhangke was in the audience and applauded for her. The 62nd Locarno International Film Festival opened on the 5th, showed 180 films and 210 short films.

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