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Peter Ho Yun Tung and Zhang Ziyi worked together for the first time in SOPHIE'S REVENGE. Peter said that when her manager told him that he was working with Zhang Ziyi, he was happy for the rest of the day.

Peter in the film played a photographer who by chance ran into Ziyi's Sophie and was swept in her and Fan Bingbing's love tug of war as he helped Ziyi in getting back her fiance. Finally Ziyi and Peter fell in love. For the film's several romantic scenes, even when they did not have to shoot in the snow Peter still could remember the high from the shoot. He intensely said, "This wasn't a wuxia film so I didn't have to fight, but the embrace scene under the chilly weather with Ziyi wasn't warm enough. In one scene in which Ziyi and I ran into each other again, my body temperature truly rose steeply. That chill rushed from the ground up my pant legs. Poor Ziyi had it even worse, as she was so cold that she slipped. I am very appreciative that Ziyi spent an unforgettable and romantic winter with me."

Peter for the role brought a lot of his own photography equipment and work from Taiwan as props. In another scene he had to wear a white tank top and bandanna wrapped around his head for the shoot, but the temperature was in single digit. He removed his jacket as soon as he was in position and performed professionally.

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