Thursday, August 20, 2009


Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xiaoming, Alec Su Yau Peng
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The State Administration of Radio, Film And Television and Huaxia film company organized "Celebrating New China's 60th anniversary important national film introduction" took place last night in Beijing. Because of the strong casts, JIAN GUO DA YE and THE MESSAGE became the most eye catching films. Among the 30 films, Huang Xiaoming were in three.

That day THE MESSAGE and JIAN GUO DA YE began and ended the event. THE MESSAGE sent its all star cast. Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing read a speech in honor of the anonymous heroes, while Huang Xiaoming along with Zhang Hanyu and Alec Su Yau Peung performed a revolutionary song FRESH FLOWER OF MAY to open the show. Despite the host's various attempts to get the "old ghost" out of them, their lips were sealed. Huang Xiaoming even claimed to be the "ghost" himself and added to the film's mystery.

This year is Huang Xiaoming's big screen harvest year as he is in three films that evening. JIAN GUO DA YE will open September 17, THE MESSAGE has the National Day golden slot. Huang Xiaoming feels very honored to celebrate the nation's 60th anniversary as an actor. That day Huang Xiaoming will rush back from IP MAN 2 to Beijing for ten straight THE MESSAGE promotions. Because he will have to return to the Shanghai set on the same night, he will not be able to attend Huayi's biannual event.

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