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Peter Lam Kin Ngok and Leon Lai Ming
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Andy Lau Tak Wa
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Taiwan due to Typhoon Morakot suffered severe flooding. Last night China Television Co., China Times International Television, and Taiwan Red Cross organized a fund raiser. Hong Kong and Taiwan artists joined forces as Peter Lam Kin Ngok even led his artists like Leon Lai Ming, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Andy Hui Chi On and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi to Taiwan, to call for donations on the program, serve as donation call operators and even donated NT$8 million for the cause.

Famous Taiwan hosts Chang Hsiao-yen, Chang Fei, Hu Gua, Momoko Tao Jing Ying and others took turn at hosts. Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) who was in the U.S. was concerned about the disaster condition and flew back to Taiwan as soon as he received his record company's call. He, Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Aska Yang (Yeung Chung Wai), Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung), S.H.E., Elva Hsiao (Siu Ah Hin) were among the guest operators. Lee Nin Kit has always been quite charitable as he paid for his own expenses to Taiwan.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Tsang Bo Yi and her mother all attended. Although Jackie Chan could not attend he sent a video message. Lam Kin Ngok claimed that he was half a Taiwanese and should do something. He and his artists donated NT$8 million. Lai Ming and Wa Jai yesterday called for donations together. Lai Ming wished that friends in the disaster areas will recover soon; Wa Jai also wished that people will continue to remain patient and call the donation hotline. He also announced that Hong Kong will also have a disaster relief event on August 17. Because the donation number on the screen was NT$192 million, Wa Jai said, "Our donation of over NT$8 million will put the donation over 200 million." Later the crew realized that the figure was wrong and the amount was 150 million; in addition, Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) donated NT$3 million. Wong Yuen Chi expressed that many people did not know how lucky they are as the disaster connected everyone's hearts together. Siu Chai thanked everyone for their care and also thanked the front line rescue personnel. After the artists' call for donation, they personally became call operators and took donation calls.

Currently working in Hengzhou, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin called the event to urge for more donation. She said that she could not do much on her own but would do her best to raise donation. She and her mother also donated NT$1 million to Red Cross. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing was also working in the Mainland. He, his fan club and his own foundation will donate to disaster relief as he wished that the victims will preserve in the face of this difficulty.

The Taiwan Typhoon caused the loss of many family members, including Cheung Wai Mui (A*MeI). Her uncle and brother in law both passed away during the storm. A*Mei broke down and rushed back to Taitung after finding out. Yesterday morning A*Mei took a place to Chengdu and is expected to return on the 16th to join the disaster relief. A*Mei never liked to bother others and did not want her private life to affect her work, but losing two relatives in three days made her very sad. She on her birthday on the 9th came to work in Hong Kong, the next day her uncle passed away. Her family did not want to affect her mood so she was not informed. Yet two days later, the 42 year old husband of her second sister passed away from a heart condition. Her family could keep the news from her no longer and A*Mei immediately returned to Taiwan for the funeral.

When A*Mei was in Hong Kong earlier she learned about the disaster condition and immediately donated money and material. This morning she flew to Chengdu for work. At night she will assist with disaster relief fund raising event with a Sanlih E-Television program. On the 16th after returning to Taiwan she will immediately join the Red Cross fund raiser.

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