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Famous character actor "Big Silly" Shing Fui On passed away near midnight at the age of 54 due to recurring nasopharyngeal carcinoma. On the eve of his passing, friends in the industry rushed to the hospital for a final glimpse. When Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Nick Cheung Ka Fai arrived at the hospital their brows were locked tightly in a frown. Maria Cordero even broke down and made the atmosphere very sad.

In 2004 after confirming NPC, Big Silly has been persistently battling Death. His condition was once under control, but recently the cancer returned and already spread to other major organs including the lungs. He was very weak and last month was again hospitalized at the Baptist Hospital for treatment.

Reportedly, Big Silly lately often called his friends and urged visiting friends to pay attention to their health. He also asked his friends to take care of his wife and his 30 year old and less than ten year old sons. He appeared to be rather worried.

When Big Silly first suffered from the illness he insisted against writing a will, but when the cancer spread to his lungs and he lost 30 pounds, he changed his mind. He asked his friends to take care of his family for him and expressed concern for his younger son and wife's future.

Shing Fui On dropped out of school at the age of 13. Director Danny Lee Sau Yin discovered him in 1975. With his mean look he brought many mean characters to life. Among them in the 1987 film PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON) he played the character Big Silly that became his claim to fame. In his later films his characters were called Big Silly, which was rare in the industry. He thus became red hot in the circle and made over 300 films. While he was battling cancer in recent years he participated in films like THE DETECTIVE (C+ JING TAM).

Shing Fui On's other well known identity was as Sai Kung's Nam Wai Village chief. In 2003 he even ran for Regional Councilman but was defeated.

Although in recent years he had to treat his illness, as his family's economic pillar he occasionally performed in the Mainland and made guest star appearances. As for financial problems, he already admitted his concerns over a years ago. Big Silly's final public appearance was in April on Maria Cordero's program FAT MOTHER COOKING. At the time he even shared how he successfully beat cancer. He claimed that after discovering he had cancer in 2004 he immediately went to the hospital for chemotherapy. He was successful but already lost his sense of smell.

He said, "Now when I eat I have to have a great imagination. Like when I have a bowl of roast duck noodle I have to remember its taste and image that it is very delicious. I have completely quitted cigarettes, but I occasionally would have a little to drink. Being ill is not scary, the key lies with how you face it."

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