Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Alex Fong Lik Sun, Jason Wu Jing, Law Kar Ying, new actor Gan Wei and film composer Mark Lui Chung Tak two nights ago attended the KUNG FU CYBORG premiere. Hu Jun was scheduled to attend but due to illness could not. Siu Fong arrived in a Lamborghini. A famous painter presented a five foot tall painting of Siu Fong to him and the event arranged Siu Fong's father to be the presenter, which was quite a pleasant surprise for him. In addition, the event also arranged for a film case to hold this film because as China's first science fiction film it will be collected at the China film museum.

After the premiere ceremony, Siu Fong gave flowers to the audience, one of which was rumored girlfriend Stephy Tang Lai Yun. Director Jeff Lau Chun Wai revealed in the press release that for Siu Fong to have more emotions during voice work he asked Tang Lai Yun to accompany him. Siu Fong said, "Right, this time Tang Lai Yun kept me company so I was more focused. Ultimately someone was watching." Siu Fong expressed that he was very interested in art in recent years and he collected some of this painter's work. He never expected to get his own painter from his father. Siu Fong honestly said that in recent years he had a lot of luck with people he met. Not only boss Paco Wong and composer Lui Chung Tak, but also director Lau Chun Wai who taught him a lot. He felt very lucky after he got into the business as he received assistance from many veterans. He expressed that he will keep the painting at home because this film was very meaningful to him. It was his nationwide release.

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