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Fan Bingbing in SOPHIE'S REVENGE appeared with a variety of image. Not only did she completed her Wu Zetian dream but also challenged her personal acting ability as she played a sloppy female butcher. Her performance even made her first time co-star Zhang Ziyi call her the new "impersonation" queen.

Winning the Huabiao Best Actress with FOREVER ENTHRALLED (MEI LANFANG), Zhang Ziyi's first turn as a producer, the comedy SOPHIE'S REVENGE, broke the 70 million mark at the Mainland box office. She was very excited and hoped that the film will perform just as well in Hong Kong. She was the most appreciative of the cast's breakthrough performance, particularly Fan Bingbing who gave her the most pleasant surprise. Ziyi said with shock, "Actually Bingbing has quite a sense of humor. My deepest impression is her butcher look. With her messy perm, a cigarette in her mouth, dark black lips and a butcher's apron with a butcher knife, when she first appeared I was truly frightened. She truly is very professional."

Bingbing expressed that she only performed according to the script, but since comedy was rare for her she let go a little and perform thoroughly. Bingbing also admired Ziyi's acting and even praised her as an attentive person. She said, "Once I lost my voice, but that scene required simultaneous recording. The director said that the scene had to shot that day. That night when I returned to the vehicle at 3AM, I saw a bowl of soup that Ziyi put on the table, next to flowers and a card. At that moment I was very touched. On the set we didn't have much exchange, but she was so attentive."

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