Thursday, August 27, 2009


Josie Ho Chiu Yi
Hilary Tsui Ho Ying
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Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Hilary Tsui Ho Ying, Lisa S and others recently designed handbags for Mata Hari. Yesterday they attended a press conference, but Chiu Yi was extremely late. She apologized as soon as she arrived.

Reportedly Chiu Yi's film DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO) had to cut out some violent scenes, thus Chiu Yi and director Pang Ho Cheung were at odds. Chiu Yi said, "Filmmaking definitely have artistic differences. The matter is left for the lawyers to handle so I am not at liberty to discuss it." She also said that Pang Ho Cheung was a very talented director. She would respect his talent but did not want to say too much now to avoid influencing everyone's thinking and to maintain fairness. The film was originally scheduled for an October release, which she admitted that it would miss.

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