Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Idy Chan Yuk Lin, Michelle (Mai Shuet)
courtesy of
Lei Qingyao, Nancy Sit Ka Yin
Michelle, Idy Chan
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Lei Qingyao, Nancy Sit
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Two nights ago the film INVISIBLE WINGS (YUN YING DIK CHI PONG) held a fund raiser for the Christian Zheng Sheng Association. Lei Qingyao who lost both arms starred in this real story. Guests included Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Michelle (Mai Shuet), Ivy Chan Yuk Lin and Michael Wong Man Tak.

Sit Ka Yin met the film's female lead Lei Qingyao earlier in an event. Sister Ka Yin pointed out that Qingyao was electrocuted at the age of three and lost both arms. Now she is still living positively and even in her second year in the university. Her real story can encourage even more people to face life positively. A Sichuan resident, Qingyao hoped to have a chance to sing. Sister Ka Yin expressed that she is now planning a Southeast Asia super new star recruitment to look for children between the ages of 4 and 18 in the Mainland, Singapore and Hong Kong for an end of the year Christmas music collection. Sister Ka Yin said, "We would like to find 50 children from each place to participate. Now we are selecting young singers. I will consider Qingyao for our new record and fulfill her dream. This time I am planning the event as a volunteer. I spent a lot of my own money, but I feel it is worth it."

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