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Fala Chen
Michael Tse Tin Wa
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Michael Tse Tin Wa and Fala Chen have been busy with promotion for the upcoming release TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT). Reportedly Tin Wa and Fala had a kiss scene, but they stalled when they talked about it. Tin Wa explained that the film company did not want them to reveal too much. When asked whether Fala was good to kiss, he said, "It felt pretty good."

Did Tin Wa have any pressure as the film's lead? Tin Wa said, "No. Although my previous film was Taiwan's THE SEQUENCE OF UNDERGROUND (DEI HA DIT JUI) six years ago, film didn't feel completely strange to me." He even pointed out that in acting performing his best was enough, the result was no longer important. As for the film may not pass the Mainland inspection for release, Tin Wa expressed that he expected it. The subject ultimately would be an issue. As an actor he had to follow the laws of the nation.

In her first film, Fala had plenty of action scenes. Luckily she had advice from the elders. She said, "At first I wasn't familiar with (Franics) Ng Chun Yu, I didn't dare to chat with Chun Yu. When we became familiar I asked him how to perform and he even demonstrated to me how to. He also brought me into character." However, Fala said that throughout the shoot no elder has scolded her. Kate Tsui Tsz Shan already won a New Actor award with her first film, Fala frankly said that she would like to as well. At the same time, after making this film she actually fell in love with action film and will head toward becoming an action actress in the future. Tin Wa felt that she absolutely could achieve that.

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