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Shing Fui On (1955-2009)

Whether mean or silly, Big Silly will forever remain in people's hearts
Star soccer team goalkeeper



Yu Siu Bo: "I just visited him yesterday with Michelle (Mai Shuet). I even gave him a foot massage. I knew it was in vain, but I wanted him to know that we were here and give him some warmth. I have known him for over a decade, he really likes to play with girls. He was very kind hearted and raised his younger son very well."
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai : "I never expected him to go so soon."

Alan Tam Wing Lun remembered shipping for Shing Fui On's first suit with him
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Always playing mean people, the artist known as Big Silly Shing Fui On recently due to returning nasopharyngael carcinoma was often recuperating at the hospital. Earlier the news of his death was even misreported, but last night Big Silly finally succumbed to cancer as it reached his liver. Around 11:45PM at the Baptist Hospital he passed away at the age of 54. Before Big Silly passed, his family and friends accompanied him on his final journey.

Around 11PM, Big Silly's firends including Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Maria Cordero and others arrived at the Baptist Hospital. Originally some claimed that Big Silly's family will hold a press conference at midnight but the media waited until 2AM. Then they learned that Big Silly passed away at 11:45PM.

Shing Fui On's family had five sons, he was the fourth. Due to a poor family he dropped out of school at the age of 13. In 15 he worked at Shaw as an extra. Later he switched to Golden Harvest, but after a few years he switched to work at a dance hall. In 1978 Danny Lee Sau Yin discovered him for the role of "Big Silly" in FINAL JUSTICE (PIK LIK SIN FUNG). Since thus "Big Silly" became his nickname. Because of Big Silly's stature and mean looks, in over 100 films he mostly played mob figures. They included 1987's PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON) and GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN). Big Silly's final film was 2007's THE DETECTIVE (C+ JING TAM). He also worked on television series like THE VIGILANTE IN THE MASK (GWAI HUP YUT JI MUI) and A TASTE OF LOVE (MEI MEI CHING YUEN).

Shing Fui On was an original resident of Sai Kung's Nam Wai Village. In 2003 he was elected the village chief. In 2007 he was elected to the post for the fifth time. In October 2004 Big Silly discovered that he had stage four NPC that already reached his lungs. Fortunately after electro- and chemotherapy his condition became stable. Yet his mouth was no longer able to produce saliva, lost all sense of taste and only left with 20% hearing in his right ear. In the last year, Big Silly's condition worsened. Reportedly his cancer reached his liver and caused his death, he also supposedly weighed less than 100 pounds.

Tsang Chi Wai two nights ago sent Big Silly off on his final journey. Chi Wai yesterday at a TVB event said that when he arrived Big Silly was already in a coma. His friends never expected for him to go so soon and thought that he could endure until the morning. He said, Alan Tam Lun Wing went straight from his flight to the hospital. At the time Big Silly was still speaking. When he arrived the doctor just gave Big Silly a shot of morphine and expressed that after which Big Silly will not wake again.

Chi Wai said that Big Silly refused to sleep 20 some hours before his passing, perhaps because he was reluctant to go. The doctor did not want him to suffer so he gave him the shot. He said that Big Silly was no longer able to say and told him to leave in peace. Was Big Silly very thin? Chi Wai expressed that he was OK but the process was very quick. He felt that sometimes passing earlier might be better. Fortunately he did not have to struggle for months before it got worse. He said last time he saw Big Silly, Big Silly still optimistically said, "Fried the (cancer), it's no match for me." He pointed out that Big Silly was at peace when he passed and was still very big.

Chi Wai two nights ago also invited Buddhist masters to pray and conduct ceremonies at the temple for Big Silly. Chi Wai said that the doctor last week already stopped chemotherapy for Big Silly because he realized that his condition was bad. Chi Wai said that Big Silly was the most reluctant to leave his 10 year old son. Chi Wai expressed that his industry friends definitely will help with Big Silly's funeral but they have to respect his family's wishes. Although Miu Kiu Wai was in the U.S. he expressed that he will immediately return to Hong Kong to help.

Chi Wai knew Big Silly for years and became closer due to GREATEST LOVER (GUNG JI DOR CIHNG). Big Silly was also a member of the star soccer team. Chi Wai said that Big Silly was very loyal. Although he looked mean, he was very kind hearted and attentive. He also pointed out that Big Silly had a lot of connections in the underworld and many in the business would ask him for help. Chi Wai also said that Big Silly in recent years has been very successful in the Mainland and often performed the most among Hong Kong artists. He not only performed but also drank and played games with people. Chi Wai felt that perhaps too much alcohol affected his body. As for whether Performing Artist Guild will help Big Silly with his affairs, Chi Wai expressed that they will meet to decide. Currently he only knew that the funeral will be conducted with a Buddhist ceremony.

Aside from Chi Wai, many Big Silly's friends visited him at the hospital one more time. Nat Chan Pak Cheung two nights ago went with Alan. After leaving they learned that Big Silly passed away.

Ah Lek said that he will ask Big Silly's family to see if they need any help. Alan rushed to the hospital from the airport. He was very reluctant and sad to lose a good friend. He expressed that he knew Big Silly for years. When they saw each other they always had a lot to talk about. Alan remembered that once Big Silly had to buy his first suit because of a film promotion. At the time they were still at Cinepoly. He accompanied Sor Gor, who mentioned that every time he ran into Alan afterward.

Ken Low Wai Kwong two days ago visited Big Silly and chatted for nearly two hours. At night he received a call from Big Silly's family and learned of his passing. He will try to help Big Silly's family with the funeral. Danny Lee Sau Yin discovered Big Silly. He expressed that although he was sad about Big Silly's passing, he was prepared for it mentally. As for Big Silly's family, he believed that their financial condition should be fine. Big Silly loved his ten year old son and was the most concerned with him. Lee Sau Yin also pointed out that though Big Silly looked rough and tough he was quite filial and serious at work. He said, "He makes those who know him laugh to death and those who don't know him scare to death."

Maria Cordero was very close to Big Silly's wife. Two nights ago when she received her call she immediately went to the hospital. She said that Big Silly looked much more worn down than a week before. She whispered in his ear to go in peace as everyone will help with any problem. When she returned home she already received the news. She expressed that earlier she visited Sor Gor with the Grasshoppers. When they spoke they were all tough, but when they saw him again he was much more worn down. She also said that Big Silly looked very mean but often helped his friends and treated his friends well. As for whether his family had any financial issue, she was not at liberty to discuss.

Law Kar Ying two nights ago received a call from the star soccer team secretary to visit Big Silly. Because he was at work he could not make the trip. Brother Kar Ying expressed that he worked with Big Silly on two films but became familiar due to star soccer team. He himself earlier had cancer and Big Silly passionately taught him different treatment diets. He wished him peace.

Michael Tse Tin Wa worked with Big Silly on YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI). He felt Big Silly's passing was regretable as the world had one less representative actor. He felt that whether wealthy or not, competing with health was very difficult.

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