Saturday, August 22, 2009


Mizuni Hung Wing Sze, Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau Sin Ting and Germaine Li Chi Man
Lau Sin Ting

Chu Ling Ling instead of Miss Hong Kong 2008 Edelweiss Cheung Shu Nga crowns the new Miss Hong Kong

Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun)

Samantha Ko Hoi Ning

Germaine Li Chi Man's self selected "swimwear"

Former Miss Hong Kong Anita Yuen Wing Yi's husband Julian Cheung Chi Lam asked the guest
question, "If I get to choose again, why would I choose you over Yuen Wing Yi?" Chi Lam added that he did not come up with the question and was just reading what was on the script
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First runner up Germaine Li Chi Man

Second Runner Up Candy Yuen Ka Man
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Lau Sin Ting (center), Li Chi Man (second right), Hung Wing Sze (Second left) and Miss Photogenic Candy Yuen Ka Man (right), and Miss International Goodwill Carly Wong Ka Lai

Sir Run Run Shaw (Siu Yat Fu) and Mona Fong Yat Wa
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Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2009 last night took place at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Miss Hong Kong is Candidate 4 Sandy Lau Sin Ting, First Runner Up is 10 Germaine Li Chi Man, Second Runner Up is 8 Mizuni Hung Wing Sze, Miss Photogenic is 9 Candy Yuen Ka Man, all of whom won as favorites. 6 Carly Wong Ka Lai who had trouble with her self introduction at the opening won Miss International Goodwill.

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