Monday, August 17, 2009


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Zhang Ziyi's first time as a producer, romantic comedy SOPHIE'S REVENGE will be released on September 3 in Hong Kong. In the film she not only dressed up but also brought back with Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin (Lam Sum Yu) Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Wan's classic CHUNG KING EXPRESS coat, blond wig and heavy make up look.

Playing Sophie, a comic book artist in the film, Ziyi's head was filled with fantasy and often imagined her friends as different characters. She personally dressed up along with Lin Sum Yu and Fan Bingbing as parts of Lam Ching Ha's CHUNG KING EXPRESS look. She joked, "We in the past either played in costume or tragic drama, with this rare chance of course we have to go all out. We can ignore our image!" Working with publicly recognized beauties Bingbing and Sum Yu, did she give an extra effort to prevent scene stealing? She expressed that they were all professional actors and their characters were very clear cut. No one could steal anyone's scene.

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