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Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Harlem Yu Ching Hing

Theresa Fu Wing, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Stephanie Cheng Yung and Teresa Caprio

Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)

Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin

Alan Tam Wing Lun

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Zhang Guoli

YOUNG AND DANGEROUS: Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Jordan Chan Siu Chun,
Cheng Yi Kin and Jerry Lam Hiu Fung

Elizabeth Lee Mei Fung donated the watch that her husband gave her for her birthday last year for the auction.

Tsin Chin frequently commuted between Taiwan and Hong Kong lately for disaster relief

courtesy of

Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Maria Cordero, Sibelle Hu (Wu Wai Chung), Peng Kin Sun, Gary Cao (Cho Gat), Prudence Liew, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Miriam Yeung Chin Wa

Aaron Kwok

Leon Lai Ming started work at 7AM in the morning in order to make the benefit after work

Alan Tam donated his Golden Horse Best Actor award and a white jade god of mercy and raised 1 million

Stephen Chan Chi Wan and Mona Fong Yat Wa represented Sir Run Run Shaw and donated NT$1 million, which ATV cut from its broadcast


ATV artists (from fourth right) Paw Hee Ching, Gilbert Lam Wai Sun, Eunis Yao (Yiu Kai Man), Derek To Ting Ho, and Chan Ka Fai

Although Joey Yung Cho Yi was elsewhere, Charlene Choi led Sherman Chung Shu Man, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, William Chan Wai Ting and Steven Cheung Chi Hung

Ti Lung, Rosamund Kwan, and Tony Leung Ka Fai

Teresa Caprio and Fiona Sit apparently violated dress code

Chan Kit Ling broke down when talking about her late husband, in turn bringing Prudence Liew and Maria Corder to tears

Kenny Bee and Sibelle Hu (Wu Wai Chung) , who was obviously nervous in her speech and performance
Zhang Guoli
courtesy of

courtesy of

With around 300 artists from three lands on both sides of the strait, the Taiwan disaster relief benefit took place at 7:30PM last night at the Asian Expo. The evening raised 50,014,868, with Sir Run Run Shaw (Siu Yat Fu)'s 25 million and the Jockey Club's 10 million donation last night raised 15,904,868. The event lasted four hours and ended at 11:30PM. Many were admitted with donation no less than 30. The event provided viewers with black and orange arm bands. The Home Affair Bureau chief Tsang Tak Sing came in person and spoke words of encouragement to the victims. Many Mainland sites and foreign television stations including Singapore and Australia broadcast the event to an estimate of 200 to 400 million online viewers. TVB chief Siu Yat Fu donated NT$100 million, with his wife Mona Fong Yat Wa representing him in its presentation.

Before the performance, Performing Artist Guild chief Alan Tam Wing Lun, along with Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Gordon Chan KaSeung and Hong Kong Red Cross director Wu-Kwok Sau Ping met with the press. Mrs. Wu thanked the event for enabling the Red Cross to begin its disaster relief effort in Taiwan. Alan expressed that although both funding and resources are important, showing the victims the heart of Hong Kong and that they are not alone are the most important. Everyone will face the disaster with its victims and cheer them on. As for a target figure, Alan said, "No estimate, the figure isn't important either. This time is only a call. I hope no one will compare this number with past fund raising numbers because everyone has many channels to make donations."

Chi Wai expressed that this time around 300 artists from both sides of the strait performed, including the Four Great Heavenly Kings, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Vivian Chow Wai Man, David Tao Jit, Tsai Chin, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Jordan Chan Siu Chun and Michael Tse Tin Wa. The hosts included Zhang Guoli, Harlem Yu Ching Hing, Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Astrid Chan Chi Ching, Paw Hee Ching and Wu Hsiao-Li. Mainland artists called Chi Wai expressed intention to participate but due to visa issues they could not come to Hong Kong. Wa Jai said that last night's event was a start. He hoped that the message was sent out so the fund raising would continue, the victims really needed everyone's love. Last night the venue had 11,000 seats, the show was also shown outside the venue. The event asked people not to go to the Expo through the radio but when viewers left the event would permit outside viewers to enter.

TVB initially did not cut ATV's Paw Hee Ching, later when Sister Bau spoke again TVB cut her footage. Some online claimed that ATV cut Stephen Chan Chi Wan's speech, which ATV explained that it had to show commercials. Chan Chi Wan said he had no idea. "(Cutting Sister Bau) was impossible because there was no such directive. I have to get an understanding but we definitely have room for commercials. (Did you feel Sister Bau became the sacrifice?) You can't say that. I have to get an understanding!"

In addition Alan last night donated a white jade Goddess of Mercy for the auction. He expressed that it could keep the home safe. The start bid was 300,000. Finally it was sold for 500,000. He also donated his Golden Horse Best Actor award for a year. He joked, "For something so valuable I have to get it back." His friend "shell king" Chan Kwok Keung donated 500,000 to hold on to it for a year. Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam not only donated 500,000 but also made an appeal in person.

Tony Leung Ka Fai knew that many villages required assistance to help their recover. He hoped that after last night no one would forget the victims. Kwan Chi Lam knew how painful losing a relative was but hoped that this united performance would be able to help victim's life recover sooner. The event originally arranged for the Four Great Heaven Kings to perform together, but Leon Lai Ming had to return to his film and left in a hurry after making an appeal.

Chi Wai said that the event was the performance of three nights without any rest. Although only 5,000 people were at the show he was satisfied. Yesterday was Monday and the event was very rushed. At first he worried that it could not raise 10 million. Ng See Yuen said that the Chung Hwa Travel Service representative Director Yang was very touched with Hong Kong's heart and expressed that this benefit promoted the greatest exchange between Hong Kong and Taiwan. From now on Taiwan and Hong Kong should mutually take care of each other and should no longer require visas.

Zhang Guoli came to Hong Kong for the benefit. He expressed that many Mainland artists wanted to come but he just happened to have the documentation. He represented Feng Xiaogang with his donation as they each donated 100,000 RMB. He also praised Hong Kong people as great and did not ask how much others gave. He felt that the donation amount was unimportant, showing love was the most important. Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung) was teary eyed on stage. Later he expressed that he turned down jobs for this benefit and he was willing to contribute with music and action.

Elizabeth Lee Mei Fung received the notice two nights ago. Earlier she was on holiday in Canada and only returned to Taiwan a few days ago. When she saw the disaster news she was very sad. She immediately donated materials like sleeping bags and flash lights with a school to the disaster area, but she felt that the victims needed money the most because they had to rebuild their homes. Medicine, seniors and children came first. She said, "I feel very lucky and I hope I can help more survivors." She also said that she saw in the news a hero in his prime due to the rescue sacrificed himself, leaving his family behind. She could not sleep for two nights and cried nonstop. She also thanked Hong Kong people for their love. Was any of her friend affected? She said, "No, but a friend just got married and had to rush back to Tainan to look for relatives. Life truly is unexpected. (Do you feel Taiwan's rescue effort was enough?) I don't know how to blame, the most practical is to get the fund to the victims as soon as possible. (Have you donated money already?) Yes, I also spoke with my children and they will donate their red pocket money."

She also donated a diamond watch that her husband gave her for her birthday last year. Although it was not expensive the intent was the most important. Tsai Chin thanked Hong Kong people for their support of the victims because in the past week many victims lived in fear and tears. With many anonymous heroes, conceivably Taiwan can slowly stand up and seeing this event in Hong Kong victims will feel very encouraged.

Eliza Chan Kit Ling who just lost her husband last night performed with Prudence Liew Mei Kwan and Maria Cordero. Later backstage Liew Mei Kwan praised Chan Kit Ling for being able to hold back her tears during the performance. Chan Kit Ling immediately broke down and said, "Although my husband passed away, that's causal. In life birth, aging, illness and death are certain, but the pain from losing family in natural disaster is very helpless. I am very happy to be able to do something so meaningful on my birthday, the most meaningful birthday that I have ever spent. I hope everyone continued to help friends in dire needs."

Cheng Sau Man honestly said that she already donated money but did not want to reveal the figure. She also said that every time performing artists got together to do something for events that made people cry. She hoped that next time they could get together for something that people smile. To the victims she said, "Hong Kong will continue to support them, they have to stay tough. Although people are small and sometimes are helpless, after darkness there is definitely sunshine."

Liu Xuan expressed that the event last night was very touching because as soon as the program started the hotline began to ring. She expressed that last year she visited the Sichuan earthquake area but she realized that if she went to the disaster area right away, the situation was unstable and she could not ensure her own safety she would become an added burden to the victims. Thus she will not visit until after the area settled. A friend earlier went to Taiwan for a charity show and was shocked by the condition.

Jacky Cheung Hok Yau returned to Hong Kong only two days ago so at first she was not too certain about the Taiwan disaster. He saw on the news how severe the situation was. Hong Kong's worst typhoon was a category 10 but an entire building collapsed there. He was reminded of the earthquake, which left him shocked and unhappy. He said, "Actually I can be considered as starting in Taiwan because I sang so many Mandarin songs. (Did you donate money?) Earlier I did through the company, today I will again. I realize that they suddenly received a lot of resources and had problem with handling them, so donating money would be better. The victims can make arrangements themselves." He also said that disaster relief was not something that one person can do and can be done at anytime. This month you have more money then you donate this month, otherwise donate next month. You do not need to skip meals. He also said that now is not suitable for visiting the area because even people in Taiwan were certain about the Tainan situation. The government and the people have rescue efforts. He did not know what he would do. Unless singing can inspire everyone then he would have no problem going. Yet right now donating money and care for the victims are the most important.

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing expressed that Taiwan was very important to him because his career started there. Taiwan could be considered half his home. Although he was working in Beijing, he paid attention to the Taiwan situation and learned that the mountain area suffered a lot of damage. He hoped through last year's benefit everyone can care about friends in Taiwan together. He said, "We are all Chinese and should help each other. This is the tradition of Chinese people. I hope everyone will have one less roast pork bun and one shrimp dumpling to give love to friends who have suffered, help them from the shadows of pain and rebuild their home soon."

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