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Johnnie To Kei Fung recently criticized Hong Kong "superstars" as troublesome. Two nights ago Derek Yee Tung Sing at a film celebration expressed that he met some stuck up actors who in general were "asteroids". He even claimed that years ago he wanted to see an actor but after four appointments he only met with his manager. He blamed some managers for ruining their actors' future.

Siu Bo two nights ago celebrated with the OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG BO) cast, including Louis Koo Tin Lok, Lau Ching Wan and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) for the film's 8 day Hong Kong box office of 8 million and 75 million RMB in the Mainland. Siu Bo expressed that the investors planned for a sequel. This film already qualified for a Korean Film Festival and the actors had a chance at Best Actor, Siu Bo immediately praised Ching Wan as his character was the hardest to play. However Goo Jai's character stole more scenes. To Kei Fung recently claimed that Hong Kong "superstars" were troublesome, unlike foreign stars who were not arrogant. Siu Bo said, "Individual ones are! Not everyone is like this. Some 'asteroids' would be." He felt that the actors might not be at fault, sometimes their managers were the problem. He stated, "Several years ago I wanted to talk with an actor about a character, but after four disappointment I only saw his manager. The actor might not even know about this. (Has he become an 'asteroid'?) He still has some twinkle. If he still has the same manger now, I wouldn't dare to approach him again!"

He also said that he and To Kei Fung have been in the business for several decades and did not need to put up with such arrogance. He urged To not to be angry. He also said, "Actually being polite is fine. I don't need you to respect me. My demand is very low. When I was an actor I was pretty arrogant, after experiencing them I don't need to blame these people." He also quoted Feng Xiaogang, "We don't lack stars, but we also don't rely on stars."

Goo Jai recently is working on his new film POKER KING. Due to constant late night work he did not feel well, but Ching Wan praised him as very tough. Goo Jai said, "Usually the shoot goes for a dozen or so hours. I don't get to sleep. When I sleep I feel like I am paralyzed." He said that his record for going without sleep was when he made FANTASIA (GWAI MA KONG SEUNG KUK) when he did not sleep for four days. Was he confident about being able to break the record? He frowned and said, "Yes!"

After POKER Goo Jai will work on the Yee Tung Sing directed CHEUNG WONG JI WONG (GUN KING OF KINGS). Yee Tung Sing once expressed that he would install air conditioning at the locations but joked that actors should be responsible for the air conditioning fee because actor salary wsa expensive. Goo Jai knew the director was joking but said, "No big deal, I pay for air conditioning then." As far as he knew CHEUNG will be just as tough because the film will shoot in outdoor competition sites and also a overpass chase scene.

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