Tuesday, August 4, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

The Michael Tse Tin Wa starred summer film TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT) will be released on the 13th. The film's subject is a power struggle between the law and the mob. Laughing (Tse Tin Wa) is a double agent who is working for both a mob boss (Anthony Wong Chau Sun) and anti organized crime superintendent (Yuen Biao) and faces life and death choices. Laughing also falls for another mob boss (Francis Ng Chun Yu)'s sister (Fala Chen), putting in many complex relationships of the law, love and loyalty.

The film production progress has been ideal, but in one scene Ng Chun Yu, Tse Tin Wa and Lee Si Jit's "bottle busting" became true as Tin Wa suffered a cut behind his ear from the candy glass. Tin Wa recalled, "In that scene Chun Yu tied me to a chair and smashed a bottle over me. Although it was a candy glass bottle, the pieces injured the back of my ear. Because the shoot used prop blood, the crew didn't know at the time either. When they cleaned me up they realized that I had a wound that kept bleeding." Tin Wa was worried about hindering the production progress and insisted on continuing the shoot. He waited until after the shoot to get stitched up at the hospital. He said, "When the bottle was smashed, I already knew something was wrong. After that I was deaf and numb, but I didn't want to do another take so I toughed it out. After work I went to see a doctor and got a few stitches."

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