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Eric Tsang Chi Wai leads TVB and ATV artists in an unprecedented collaboration

Yun Yi and Ron Ng Cheuk Hei

Rain Li Choi Wa and Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam put aside their supposed differences
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Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Raymond Lam Fung

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Michael Tse Tin Wa was rushed but he was waiting for Julian Cheung Chi Lam

Joey Yung Cho Yi came right after her show

Miyoko Lau Yun Yi

low cut Prudence Liew Mei Kwan ended up in the front row

Ava (Yu Hiu)'s hat also violated the rule

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Two nights ago over 200 performing artists recorded a song at Television City to benefit the Taiwan typhoon victims, to hopefully send a warm message to the disaster area and showed the victims that they are not alone. Andy Lau Tak Wa returned to Hong Kong right after attending the Taiwan relief benefit and shared what he saw in Taiwan. He expressed that most victims were native born Aborigines who received less outside news. Thus the benefit's goal was for the victims not to feel helpless and bring warmth to them.

With over 200 artists, order maintenance was very difficult. Eric Tsang Chi Wai was in command the entire night. He said, "Everyone only need to wear blue jeans to attend the event. The event will provide white t shirts. Hopefully no one will cut up the shirt as we have to give people the impression that we are very neat. Those who do not have any white shirts now can change in the dressing room. During the recording please don't wear a hat, sunglasses, or pull the collar too low." When Alan Tam Wing Lun and Peng Kin Sun arrived, they did not know about the white shirt rule and were dressed in black. Chi Wai joked, "What color is the shirt that we are wearing, why are these two wearing black? Even leaders are like this. The two of you hurry up and change." Alan explained that he did not know about the white shirt rule and wore the black for the serious atmosphere.

When asked what Wa Jai was responsible for, he said, "I just returned from Taiwan, for now I don't know what the performance will be. Chi Wai will contact the artists, I am responsible for the program style. I hope to achieve a feeling of warmth so the victims can feel everyone's care." For his birthday next month, Wa Jai has already asked his Taiwan fans not to come to Hong Kong to celebrate with him and donate the travel cost for disaster relief first. Wa Jai promised to hold a make up event in Taiwan.

Two nights ago the recording received the support of the major media. Although it took place at TVB's Television City, ATV and Cable sent their artists like Maria Cordero, Paw Hee Ching and Miss Asia. When Fat Ma arrived, the studio next door was recording THE VOICE. Reporters joked that Fat Ma went to the studio, she said, "Don't play around, I am here for the disaster relief." Due to the tight recording schedule many artists did not prepare white shirts.

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