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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)

Huang Xiaoming, Donnie Yen, Lynn Xiong
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Lynn Xiong
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The film IP MAN 2 two days ago held a production start ceremony in Foshan, Guangdong in front of Foshan's Ip Man museum. Actors Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Huang Xiaoming, Louis Fan Siu Wong, and the "young Bruce Lee", 10 year old Mainland child actor Jiang Daiyan, Shi Xiaolong and Du Yuhang attended. Over 200 Mainland media outlets covered the event.

The event arranged for Jiang Daiyun to perform kung fu. He thoroughly demonstrated his background with several dozen flips. Jiang Daiyan was selected from 1300 Mainland recruits. In the film he, Huang Xiaoming and Shi Xiaoling played Yen Chi Tan's disciples. The trio performed a master ceremony and presented tea to master Yen Chi Tan. Chi Tan joked, "Today I forget to bring red pockets." Later, Huang Xiaoming presented a seal with the words Master of A Generation to Chi Tan and pointed out that several decades later he would become "Master of A Generation". Chi Tan expressed that with the success of the first film, this time would be very stressful.

Chi Tan suffered sciatic nerve pain from working on BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING). Earlier he had to return to Hong Kong for Qi Gong and Tuina therapy. As for a salary raise, he joked, "Actors of course are seafood price (seasonal). (Are you high priced seafood?) Good seafood of course is worth money. The ones like I of course aren't frozen." Chi Tan frankly stated that his salary had a discount, but actor life was very short. He also said that his wife later would bring their children to visit the set. "The last time I saw the children were already two months ago. Every time they looked different, I feel a little guilty." Chi Tan expressed that this year he made four movies, now he was injured all over and could only persist with will power.

Hung Doi Lam expressed that she would be pregnant in the entire film. Earlier she asked the film company for a 10 pound belly for her to get used to the feeling. "After trying it, I realized that it was very heavy and I had mobility issue. Now when I go out I observe pregnant women and realize that they have quite a hard time." Was she afraid of having children? She said, "Probably not, I would have a husband when I am pregnant. He should take better care of me. Being a woman would be even more fortunate." She expressed that she would not have children in the next few years. Since she would be working on the film in Shanghai for several months, would she have time to see rumored boyfriend Aaron Kwok Fu Sing? She said, "Work comes first for me." As for Sing Sing earlier was rather intimate with Shu Qi on their film, she praised Shu Qi as a beauty with her own quality and individuality. Was she confident in Sing Sing? She only smiled, "I don't think about that."

Huang Xiaoming expressed that in the film he had many fight and beating scenes. He joked that he already expected to be injured and later will begin studying Wing Tsun. Ip Man's son Ip Chun two days ago also attended. Former child star Shi Xiaolong now is taller and somewhat chubby. He said that she was still in school and still has a habit of martial art training. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming expressed that the film's investment will be 100 million RMB. Did Chi Tan get a raise? He expressed of course, but Chi Tan was great as he offered a friendly price this time. Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Kent Cheng Juk Si will join the cast. The film's estimated Mainland box office will reach 200 to 300 million. The production will take 3 months and the film's release will be next year.

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