Monday, August 17, 2009


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The Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Michelle Wai (Si Nga) and Chan Ka Lok starred new film HAPPILY EVER AFTER (HUNG SEUNG WOR NEI JOI YUT HEI) yesterday held a promotion. Three leads demonstrated the pretend kissing positions. Later they played games with fans for film tickets.

Hung Cheuk Lap said that this was not his first close contact with fans. He said, "Earlier when I promoted my record I had a hand shake session but finally it became a hug session. A crazed female fan kissed me on the cheek, I am a guy so it's no big deal. If another guy kiss me then I feel awkward." A female fan hit Chan Ka Lok on the forehead during the show and he joked that was thanks to Ken. Si Nga originally was teamed up with a male fan but the event switched to a female fan to avoid any awkwardness.

HAPPILY is this summer's only idol romance. The trio is very confident in the film box office. Although many strong films are in release at the same time, they feel that they can motivate many viewers. Will they dress in disguise to check out audience reaction? Ken says,"Actually we tried before but in the end people recognized us." Si Nga also suggested going again. She joked, "This time we have to go one after another, we also have to keep saying how great the movie is."

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