Sunday, August 30, 2009


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The 13th Annual Huabiao Award took place at the Beijing Exhibition Center. Although he was not nominated, Huang Xiaoming attended with the team to promote the upcoming film THE MESSAGE. He and Shu Qi were reviewed as best dressed.

Earlier due to his new series production, Huang Xiaoming was often absent from THE MESSAGE promotion and Huayi company events. The company reportedly suspended him. Recently he has been busy with IP MAN 2 in Shanghai. Luckily several days ago the team received a call from the film authority and finally the team agreed to release him to go to Beijing with Yen Chi Tan. Without two leads, director Wilson Yip Wai Shun gave the team the day off. IP MAN 2's team finally gathered at the Huabiao award.

At the event Huayi had complete victory. Industry insidered predicted that THE MESSAGE might be the next Huabiao award favorite. On the day before the Huabiao award, THE MESSAGE unveiled THE MESSAGE chart in Beijing, as Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Hanyu, Alec Su Yau Peng, Wang Zhiwen, Ying Da's latest posters were unveiled. Huang Xiaoming was dressed in a military uniform with a military blade in his arm on the poster. He looked dark and down. With an eagle in the middle, he in the film grasped everyone's fate. Like a sharp eyed eagle he observed everyone's every move.

Reportedly, Huang Xiaoming's THE MESSAGE performance almost perfectly brought the original work's character to life. Director Gao Qunshu praised Huang Xiaoming's performance as a "pleasant surprise". The novel creator called Huang Xiaoming "an idol with substance, reaching an actor's highest stage".

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