Sunday, August 2, 2009


Everything has its time. People in the opera world naturally has rises and falls. Yuen Qiu who already showed promise at the China Drama Academy was only a stunt double early in her film career, but she was able to apply what she learned and had ample work opportunities. Finally she still put her family first as she decided to retire. After 21 years away from the film industry, she again radiated in KUNG FU HUSTLE.

Food Business Ends In Major Losses

Yuen Qiu sighs that her development back then was not as expected and kept her disillusioned. She says, "At the time I graduated from the school, a company signed me and Jackie Chan; but after two movies that
didn't perform too well, I started to become disillusioned. I thought I might as well retire, then once I went to Korea for a movie and called home to chat with my son. When I heard my son cry over the phone and
kept saying, 'Mommy! Mommy!' my heart was truly guilty. I couldn't help but cry. After some consideration in the end I missed my son, so I decided to retire, go home and raise a family!"

To women, family is their lifelong career. Even Yuen Qiu who plays male roles on the stage with a lot of might is no exception, but how can a martial art actress just sit at home? Yuen Qiu says, "Without
any movie to make or anything to do, I started a small business and tried my hands in food. Wow, I lost so much I couldn't even recognize my mother! Later I tried the bar business, but it mainly catered to familiar friends."

Yuen Qiu ultimately is destined to act. After all the twists and turns she still returns to her old stomping ground. Yuen Qiu says, "Back then (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi's KUNG FU HUSTLE was auditioning and I went with Yuen Ju and Yuen Fai to encourage them. Chow Sing Chi asked Yuen Ju to try some expressions. I hid in the back and read the paper. Suddenly Sing Yeh says, 'The one who is smoking and reading the paper in the back, come out for me'. I didn't know why he would call me, maybe he thought my smoking look was bad enough!"

Unintentionally Catches Sing Yeh's Eyes

Although Chow Sing Chi who was known to be picky picked her, but Yuen Qiu did not agree immediately until Chow Sing Chi gave the everything was negotiable condition and guaranteed KUNG FU HUSTLE would have Seven Little Fortunes members behind the scene. Yuen Qiu finally agreed. She says, "I didn't make a movie in 20 years and had to gain 24 pounds.  Everyday I kept drinking milk to gain weight. With no script and the ever changing title, I was a little out of it. The other thing that is different when I made movies before, now we can look at playback. It's the only thing that is better than before." (40)

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