Saturday, August 8, 2009


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The Wong Jing directed comedy ON HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (DAI NOI MUK TAM LING LING BAU) opened nationwide on July 30. After a week the box office approached 60 million RMB and Mainland China's summer Chinese film champion.

The film yesterday opened in Hong Kong and followed the Mainland trend with nearly 1 million in opening day box office. OVERHEARD had more screens than ON but had less same day box office. Cinemas saw the strong momentum and asked for more shows and special screenings to meet the audience demand. The director and the cast were excited to hear the news as it proved Hong Kong comedy had a market and was able to cheer up the audience. Reportedly the director already prepared a celebration for the cast and the crew. He wished that laughter would continue to erupt and box office would rise.

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