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Koni Lui Wai Yi and Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the film WOMB GHOSTS (NGOK TOI) played romantic rivals. They fought over a man in the film but in real life they also ended relationships due to third party. They both expressed disgust for cheating men and absolutely would not be the third party.

Chrissie in WOMB played a vicious third party who was merciless in her pursuit of a married man as she caused Koni's miscarriage. Chrissie was worried that her character was despicable. "I feel she is, but as an actor I should try different things. I can't just want to play good people or pretty girls." Chrissie said, "My first relationship ended due to a third party. He was seeing two girls at once and I ran right into them on the streets. Later I discovered that he was seeing three people, I was very hurt!" Chrissie honestly said that she lost control of her emotion over her first broken heart. "That night I went home alone I couldn't control myself. I cried very loudly, when two cops saw me they didn't dare to ask me what happened."

Chrissie in the film was the target of the miscarried womb ghost. Before making it, she enjoyed supernatural films. After completing the new film she was able to leave the character, but for some reasons she now became suspicious and scared. She had to carry around the safety charm that her mother got her to be at ease.

Already on her fourth movie, Koni said, "Earlier I played career or business woman characters, this time I was elevated to play a wife and a weakling. Third party Chrissie entered my marriage with Lai Lok Yi and made me miscarried. Finally I chose to leave, which was very challenging!" In real life Koni also ended a relationship. "I can't tolerate a cheating boyfriend or a husband. I am very traditional and faithful, at the university I discovered my boy was cheating. I didn't make a big deal, just mercilessly broke up. I didn't linger on that relationship!" Koni thus would not be a third party. "If I am so clueless in the lie then I can't do anything. Luckily I haven't been lied to like that yet!"

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