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[2010.03.19] RONALD CHENG: "ASK AH SA"

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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Betty Sun Li and director Jeff Lau Chun Wai yesterday attended a JUST ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX (YUET GUONG BO HUP) press conference in Guangzhou. Before the event began, Cheng Chung Kei came prepared for media interviews.

Reports claimed that Cheng Chung Kei was unfaithful so he and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin broke up. Ronald said, "This question, if I am asked of course it's not, you should ask Ah Sa." Was he unfaithful while he was dating Ah Sa? He said, "I am not answering these questions, go and ask Ah Sa." He stressed that the break up had nothing to do with third party, only that they felt this would be better. Was he linked to AngelaBaby in gossip lately? Ronald said, "This obviously was a film company promotion." As for whether they deliberately broke up after their marriage was unveiled, he neither admitted nor denied the marriage. "So far, too much has been said about this. Earlier there were both break up and marriage rumors, too many pointless speculations." Why did he not deny the marriage? He said, "I don't want these reports to hurt me and her, so I am not responding. If I responded, the speculation would still remain."

Ronald and Ah Sa's same day break up announcements sounded close, did he make any advanced agreement? He said that they both had an uniform decision. How long have they been apart? He only said awhile. This was something private between two people, he did not want their matter to be placed on the table as if everyone was dissecting it. Did he feel any regret about the break up? He paused and said with sorrow, "We had an uniform decision, thank you everyone for your concern." In addition, at the press conference Ronald was obviously teary eyed and lacked concentration. when actor Sun Li spoke with him, he finally responded a little with a smile. A Mainland reporter asked Ronald why he and Ah Sa broke up. He expressed that they have been apart for awhile and pretended to smile. The reporter then said, "You already gave that answer yesterday. What does your smile represent." Ronald explained, "I have answered what I have to answer, I won't answer any more. So I gave you a smile."

Tang Lai Yun was asked whether she comforted the heart broken Ronald? She expressed that she just found out. Did she find it regrettable? She said, "If it's true, we as third party would have difficulty giving opinions." Fong Lik Sun said that he just found out about the breakup and said, "From the beginning to the end Cheng Chung Kei and I have been good friends, when we saw each other we rarely talked about personal (matter)." Did Ronald ever mentioned marriage? Fong Lik Sun said, "I don't know, even if he was dating I didn't know." Director Lau Chun Wai immediately made fun of Fong Lik Sun, "You are really very lovable, I love this joke of Fong Lik Sun too much, when you lie you lie worse than anyone." Leung Wing Kei expressed that she only found out from reading the paper. She said that being an artist was very tragic since even personal matter had to be explained. She said, "It definitely is regrettable, I hope he pulls himself together." Did she feel Cheng Chung Kei yesterday appeared to be very down? She said, "Because reporters weren't asking about the movie."

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