Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sandra Ng Kwan Yu

Jim Chim Shui Man
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Jim Chim Shui Man and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday promoted their new film BEAUTY ON DUTY (MEI LAI MUK LING). One of Chim Shui Man's character in the film was called Director Shum, who resembles recent news figure Stephen Chan Chi Wan. As for rumors of dispute between them, Chim Shui Man said, "In the past I also impersonated (Donald) Tsang Yam Kuen, people also asked me if I was afraid of a dispute with Mr. Tsang. I am only a performing art worker, privately we don't have any special split. When we see each other we treat each other with courtesy, we won't be at odds." As for Chan Chi Wan's Independent Commission Against Corruption arrest, Chim Shui Man expressed that it did not need to be worried about. He heard about the arrest on the way to Guangzhou, Chim Shui Man was shocked and said, "The case helps our movie, in the end it is destined."

Ng Kwan Yu was shocked to hear about Chan Chi Wan in Hengdian. Kwan Yu pointed out that BEAUTY will be released on April Fool's Day, with the Chan Chi Wan case Kwan Yu pointed out that fate was too perfect and coincidental. She wished Chan Chi Wan well.

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